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DeevFactor is a guy on the internet with a dream: to have a dream.


It was an average day in August and Deev was at his cousin's house when he was introduced to the wonders of Youtube Poop. After watching What is Spaghetti? and Luigi's Subliminal Message, he wanted to see more. So he discovered that there's a Youtube Poop site that serves as a directory, but come on. Everyone already knew this by now of course. :)

After lurking around a while, he made a (lame) attempt for making a Poop in Lost Darkwing Duck Theme Song. It wasn't until December that he made a serious attempt in making a Poop, Ham-Tarot became the first in a series of Poops called UHF Outhouse. The name may sound familiar because it's a blatant rip-off of inspired by the TV Playhouse series from Encore Enterprises LLC.

On New Year's Eve, DeevFactor became the last Pooper of 2007 to be added to the Youtube Poop Database, triggering a 0.000001% increase in viewership. To this day, nobody still knows who he is and what he's doing.

First poop seen[edit]

What is Spaghetti?

First poop made[edit]


DeevFactor's first Youtube Poop.

Lost Darkwing Duck Theme Song


DeevFactor's style is similar to that of Encore Enterprises LLC in its similar series name and general flow and may also have similarties with ApkinesisII's Epi-Poops. One unique aspect of UHF Outhouse is the frequent commercial break, which is essentally a mini-poop of a couple of commercials. OK, maybe it's not exactly that original, but I think you get the idea that it's meant to more closely resemble a TV broadcast (but I'm likely not the only one).

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • 80's Cartoons
  • Sonic X
  • Commercials
  • Auto Racing footage
  • And whatever random sound clips I feel like using

Preferred Methods[edit]

Of the methods that I'm aware of, some include:

There's probably more, so let me know if I forgot anything I used in a Poop.

Preferred Tech[edit]

Windows Movie Maker






In Real Life[edit]


  • Bigluigiandsonicfan (Poop Tennis Match)



UHF Outhouse Episode Guide[edit]

  1. Ham-Tarot - A poop of the first episode of Hamtaro. While many might see this as the first Hamtaro poop ever made, it's actually the second one. Apparently, an unlisted pooper made the first Hamtaro poop. (Ads used: Head-On for Balls and The Legend of Zelda on PSTriple)
  2. Cave Christmas 386 - As far as I know, this is the only poop that uses footage from the Windows 386 Promo video. It also uses some leftover footage from the first Hamtaro episode, The UHF Outhouse "title card" and close credits are introduced. (Ads used: Gillette Young Guns and a rather odd European PS2 commercial)
  3. Captain Lou’s Great 40,000 Pound Slimdown - First UHF Outhouse episode that bothered to use a number (previous episodes were "numbered" Alpha and Beta). The sub-plot begins an ongoing storyline that will probably develop in the near future. (Ads used: Anti-Drug PSA and Frosted Bagel O's)
  4. Hillary Clinton’s a Princess of Evil - Part 1 of a poop of the crossover episode of Power Rangers in Space of which they meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, although it is never explained why there are 5 of them instead of 4 (the fifth is a girl). Some space is wasted in continuing the sub-plot from the previous episode. (Ads used: Tom Brady encounters Pimpsahoy in Snickers commercial and Teddy Renetto)
  5. The All-New Stone Puppies - First poop to use footage from the All New Pound Puppies, not to be confused with the Middle-Aged Kilo Kittens (or a million other variations); may also be the first poop to use footage from Top Gun. This poop was used as Deev's entry in the Perfect Poop contest and has unofficially been determined to be ranked 118th in views. It is currently the most viewed of all the UHF Outhouse episodes so far.
  6. Turtles on a Spaceship - Continuation of the PRIS/TMNT poop started in Hillary Clinton's a Princess of Evil. Despite this, it has still yet to be concluded. You'll just have to blame the commercial breaks. A new opening debuts in this episode. (Ads used: Pirates of the Caribbean Head-On and a Snickers ad that features an angry viking who happens to be a Nintendo fanboy)
  7. The Gay Ghost - Episode description soon.
  8. The 7th Best Prom Ever - Episode description soon.

Future Plans[edit]

Currently, there are plans for a triple-length episode of UHF Outhouse that's intended to make up for Deev's random absence periods. These include the PRIS/TMNT conclusion, a Sonic X-related "sub-plot", more sources to be introduced, and more commercials.

Other Information[edit]


  • Likes to wander aimlessly around the internet.