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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Vhsico.jpg This person is an Analogue Pooper.

In brief[edit]

aealtrus makes YTPs which he calls 'episodes' in a series called NETVERK. He dislikes the name 'Youtube Poop' these days. Season 1 was themed over the idea of these videos being on lost VHS tapes. S1 went on for 100 episodes, the 100th being an hour long and uploaded to Vimeo.


aealtrus joined YouTube on June 20th, 2007. After uploading a video of him making some sort of squawking noises over some pictures of a penguin toy in a baseball cap, he started making YouTube Poops and favouriting many videos on YT. The early poops used the general CD-I footage and some things from Bionicle: Mask of Light. They were edited in WMM. Eventually, aealtrus realised his early poops were shit, so he deleted them. He then spent the next few years favouriting almost every video he came across, uploading dumb TF2 related things and generally not making YTPs. In 2010, after seeing a few videos by 'stoolsoftenercapsule' (MrChriddof), he started making new poops, using old adverts from YouTube and anime clips, heavily inspired by Chriddof's work. He stripped the channel of the branding he gave it, changed the channels title from 'Aeon Productions' to 'NETVERK' and started making videos almost daily. The name NETVERK was from various videos of Netherlands 1 continuity, which pronounced the name of the news program 'Netwerk' as 'Netverk'. Disliking the name 'Youtube Poop' and generally thinking that preceding every video title with 'Youtube Poop:' or 'YTP:' would be un-chriddofish, he made NETVERK the name of his poops. aealtrus then turned each video into an episode, and ended most of them with a bit of VHS static, to make it seem like these are from old tapes or something.

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Title of poop - right


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iMovie '09


Old memes in general, mainly CD-I things, unless they are being used ironically.





  • Ibutsu
  • Ecksphyre
  • Various members of Facepunch.

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  • MrChriddof


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