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Verity Larsen

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verity larsen
december 10, 1998
bozeman/billings, montana

'youtube poop' isn't much of the top hobby it used to be for me, but still an interest in doing. a person can only have so much steam, y'know? i'll give a simplified history lesson for y'all.

the first YTP i saw, with the 'youtube poop' label at least, was a portion of the earthworm jim cartoon with the benny hill theme over it. it was from a girl who was more well-known for making a lot of average-at-best super mario fan art with ms paint, i remember that. my sister and i were interested, and so we delved deep into the scene just as viewers. although i didn't come across anything else other than spadinner (this was around 2008).

my parents grounded me from youtube in general for two years, after i sent a link of a waldfield video to one of my friends. i sneaked on the internet browser on my wii from time to time and watched on there, but was anxious to be caught, so i rarely did it. the summer of 2010, i somehow persuaded my parents to unground me, and made my channel under what then was my official name of "TheRaz0rEdge", taken from the dream theater song, "octavarium". i cracked sony vegas 7, and made my first video in august 2010. which was of spongebob, of course. i didn't know how to download videos at all then, so i recorded my sources in very low quality using camstudio for my first few videos. i then started being very dependent on tvtropes on source ideas, which didn't change until the summer of 2011 or so, and so a good portion of my sources were from the "nightmare fuel" page, and the "scare 'em straight" page, and a lot of others of that nature. for me it seems really obvious i lurked there.

i joined youchew on september, still being very naive about how to act and be presentable to the internet, but people still thought i acted mature than most 11-year-olds. i still dunno why.

in november 2010, i discovered the more alternative/erosion type of tennis, and was immediately intrigued. tennis was something i wanted to do, but was very nervous to do it. i didn't know tennis was much of a casual free-for-all thing, and thought it was pretty exclusive. i toughened up a bit, and volleyed one of ashcrementvii's serves, me being in the middle of a threeway with him and captainstringcheese. the serve was one of the most amazing videos to me at that point, so it surprised me that no one else grabbed it. the rest is history . . . gaining friends, being more involved in tennis, adapting into a slightly more mature editing state, etc.

i took a kinda-hiatus starting on february 2014; i opened up vegas a lot still, but never produced anything that was good enough to publish. i became more popular on tumblr over the course of 2014 than i did in three years of making videos, and i came to a big realization of the purpose of my art. i decided to drop Therazoredge and adapt to Childhood Sweetheart on october 2014, because a dream theater reference isn't a justification for me. during the kinda-hiatus, i got a strong hold of what i wanted to accomplish and what i truly want to offer to the table. videos that are more personal to me, videos that aren't just made up of sources i download from the internet and edit heavily on. 'cause honestly, this whole thing can easily bore me now, and i wanna spice up what i'm able to make. i made a new account as another factor of me wanting to start fre$h, and published "missionary's positions", only using sources that were somehow clung to me in someway, the majority of them being iphone and hi8 recordings.

while the subject of my gender was something i talked about to others in the YTP community since 2013, i didn't officially come out as a transgender girl until june 2015. i released "funny moments" just a few weeks later, made in the same way as "missionary's positions", but in an even more personalized manner. the rest of 2015 was me going through life with heightened anxiety and gender dysphoria, trying to find acceptance and ways to create to make myself better, while working on a video on the side. working on the video didn't make me feel better.

i published "please tell jessica she doesn't look fat in her dress!" on christmas eve 2015, which ended up being my last video for almost three years. i made a few unlisted tennis rounds in the meantime, but the strive i had to make a tennis round definitely was not there.

a lot happened between then and when i published my personal favorite video now, "unknown homes," on halloween eve 2018, both the best and worst moments of my life. it was an experiment on completely not caring whatsoever about YTP conventions and making a video in a purely cathartic manner, only using videos i recorded on my iphone from january 2018 to the day before i published it. i think the biggest reason why i didn't make videos for such a long time was i only wanted to make art that heals me, and "unknown homes" was me realizing i can still make videos to try and make life a lil' bit more tolerable.

i'll still be making videos, but my responsibility as far as art goes will be doing practically everything else. you can find it all one way or another: bandcamp twitter instagram tumblr

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