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F-Zero GP Legend

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F-Zero Grand Prix legend (Japanese: F-Zero Falcon Densetsu) was F-Zero's Anime. It starred Captain Falcon, Rick Wheeler, Jody Summer, Jack Levin, Dr. Stewart, Zoda, Black Shadow and Dr. Clash, as well as a few minor characters like Mr. EAD and Pico.
At the end Captain Falcon preformed the Omega Falcon Punch, which completely destroyed himself, along with Black Shadow. 4Kids dubbed the show so that Rick was the main hero, where in the Japanese version, Captain Falcon was.

The American version is missing the most famous scene to YouTube Poop, which was the Falcon Punch scene in the final Japanese epsiode.

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{{#ev:youtube|AWnoYF930gM|320}}The most famous scene from the Japanese version.

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