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4Kids Entertainment

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4Kids Entertainment is an anime dubbing company located in New York that is well known for toning down anime to make them more "kid-friendly" and hiding their Japanese origin with various methods such as painting away Japanese food, text, etc. Considering that most of these anime are a bit mature, you can see that this won't end well. Eventually, they learned from their massive "hatedom", and lost the rights of One Piece to Funimation, and much rejoicing was had by all.

Between 2005 and 2010, 4Kids voice actors did work on Sonic games for "consistency with the Sonic X show". Until they were recast again with Californian talent, but Mike Pollock got to stay because he's pretty much the only 4Kids VA who's universally liked.

Shows Butchered Dubbed/Produced By 4Kids

{{#ev:youtube|lQppQcM4kJc|320}}Team Rocket really do think about 4Kids a lot... and Leo Burnett.

And others...


  • Some of their voice actors have appeared in outside products. For example, Jason Anthony Griffith does Danimals commercials, Lisa Ortiz and Eric Stuart star in Slayers, and many more of their VAs are in Ratatoing of all things. It's actually pretty funny.
  • Before 4Kids, however, some of their voice actors actually did some voice acting in some hentai anime. Really.
  • Some of their shows were later sold to Nickelodeon, and they lost the dubbing rights to Pokémon in 2006.