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This article is about the horny gym leader from Pokemon. You may have been looking for the body guard from Venture Bros..
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He loves DUH LADIES!

Name: Brock
Appears In: Pokemon
Sex: Male
Age: 33
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation(s): Pokemon Gym Leader/Trainer
Played By: Eric Stuart, Bill Rogers


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Stereotypical hentai storyline anyone?
Brock will continue to look at this until they pop out.
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{{#ev:youtube|Xk1M8ffX9Jg|320}}Brock horribly rapes Ash.

The former Pewter City Gym Leader-turned-pervert who cooks great food. His specialty is Rock-type Pokemon, which is totally not an innuendo for his perversion.

After being "beaten" by Ash, he is suddenly reminded of his virginity, so he sets off with Ash and Misty to get the girl of his dreams.



  • Mentions of Professor Ivy's name

Liked by[edit]

Disliked By[edit]

  • The girls who he hits on, especially Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny.


  • He actually opened his eyes to entertain a Larvitar (pic to the right).
  • Every once in a while, he cooks dinner for King Harkinian, which The King enjoys very much.
  • 40% of the time, Brock ODs on HM05 Flash porn, ruining his eyesight and explains why his eyes are always shut.
  • It's rumored that squinting your eyes constantly like Brock does for the movie letterbox effect will give you the power to see THE BEST WESTERN YOU'VE EVER SEEN.
  • Surprisingly, Brock is not a pedophile and doesn't even look at younger girls, which probably explains why he has no attraction towards Misty, May, or Dawn whatsoever despite traveling with them for many, many seasons.
  • Has made multiple guest appearances on various cooking shows across the Food Network.
  • Was replaced by a square named Tracey Sketchit in the second season, who then proceeded to be killed off mysteriously dropped from the series.
  • Professor Ivy is the only person on record for introducing Brock to sex that was too much for him.
  • Has been known to mistake onigiri (rice balls) for jelly-filled doughnuts.
  • In one episode he met a girl just like him, but he didn't make his move in time and she dumped him for some pretty boy. Now he'll probably be a 40-year old virgin.
  • He's actually 15. No, really.
  • Is the Pokémon version of Gourry Gabriev from "Slayers".