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Blue Koopa

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Name: Blue Koopa
Appears In: Super Mario World
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Occupation(s): Pipe Kicking

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This is Blue Koopa on a rough Sunday Morning.

Blue Koopa was King Koopa in his disco palace. He usually kicked a pipe so he could vent his anger. His favorite band was Black Label Society.


Blue Koopa was murdered by Whore Yoshi when they were having sex.

Blue Koopa Pre-Death[edit]

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Blue Koopa's natural habitat

He was trying to break the record for "Pipe Kicking" He was up to 129,531 kicks, and needed just a few thousand more before his death.

Public Return[edit]

It is written, Blue Koopa said that he will act in movies again on October 27th, 2007. He recently starred in his own show, The Awesome Blue Koopa Show. Guest stars including Black Label Society and various anime characters were scheduled to appear on the show....but when the show finally aired, audiences were outraged to discover the Black Labels got prominent showings and only one of the other guys actually appeared. A riot broke out, which when ended, was blamed squarely on Blue Koopa. As a result his show was pulled off air after only its first episode.

Blue Koopa Fights Back[edit]

A month after the said riot, Blue Koopa and his Blue Kiddie Army invaded his original studio which was brodcasting a show with a clown making ballons. He then forced the producers to bring back his show on the air, or else he'll activate the AIDs Laser Machine, giving the world AIDs. Seeing the world already haves enough AIDs, they gave Blue Koopa a second chance.

The reason why the said guests didn't appear on the show was because some idiot recorded over a few clips of the only tape of Blue Koopa's Show with various other shows. Hinata was also late for the show because she was too busy fighting Neji, which gave her a seizure during the fight.





  • His full name is Blue Koopa B. Hetfield III.