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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief

AlarmCopter is a pooper from the south west of the UK, his videos tend to focus on sex jokes, sentence mixing, and sus, as well as a few effects/masking visual gags. He also likes to upload ambient faggotry and piss off everyone in general in doing so.


Back in the old days of YTP, in 2007, AlarmCopter (then using the channel "Beyer37") was searching for Volvic adverts, because he thought they were funny, this led to him stumbling across a random Volvic YTP, which he liked, so he kept watching, then he found CD-I and a few others. After this, he began making WMM poops using Volvic and CD-I, and gained a decent amount of views for the time, after this, he gave up, and decided to not do anything with YTP again for several years. In 2011, after finding a Michael Rosen YTP, he tried his hand at using Vegas to make a poop, which he never uploaded anywhere, until hearing the announcement for the first Rosen YTP Collab, which he entered, and thus began his current pooping career.

2013 Sees AlarmCopter growing up and attempting to use different sources, these have been well received for the most part and it's safe to say that he will be giving new things a try from now on.

First poop seen

Youtube Poop - George is Nuts! [1]

First poop made

Michael Receives a Stern Warning [2]


AlarmCopter's style is a mash up of several of his favourite poopers, only made really short, because he can't make anything more that 2 minutes long. what a failure. Aside from that, he tends to make a lot of filler videos which usually consist of him trying something new or making a creepy video, which he claims is for a project he has planned, but we all know thats a load o' shit because he never does things on time.

Preferred Sources

Michael Rosen, thats it

He's also started making poops of guitarists, for some reason.

Preferred Methods

Sentence Mixing



Story Based Poop

Mysterious Zoom / Stare Down



Visual Jokes


Self Derogatory Meta Jokes

Preferred Software

  • Sony Vegas Pro 9.0
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Paulstretch (used a couple times to uber stretch audio)
  • Audacity


Poops of musicians

Extreme Sentence mixing

Extreme juxtaposition of a poop and the original source

Really fucking creepy stuff in a YTP


Long sequences of un-edited content (unless its particularly funny, like a few Rosen moments, but still, don't take advantage of it)


"lol" - General youtube user

"Thats the neatest sentence mixing ever" - Baygastard [3]

"Seriously though, your YTPs are fantastic :) you deserve WAY more subs :D" - DiabeetusPlams

"Hahaha oh god that was brilliant." - CS188[4]

"WHAT THE FUCK" - 1Superchops [5]


Criticism seems to be rarely received,and everyone seems to think that AC needs to be more proud of his work, although AC has made self depreciation jokes a large part of his poops, so theres no turning back now.


Gained 300 subs (5th Sept 2012)

Had CS188 favourite 2 of his vids and subscribe to him (the source of most of those 300 subs)






Just see my channel, it has them there.









Other Information

Despite what AC says, poops will arrive when they are done, not when he says they will be done


AC has a degree in Digital Art and Technology, and this is all he has used it for so far.


AC's Channel, once again

Other Links

Personal Website (nowt to do with pooping) [7]

DeviantArt [8]

Soundcloud [9]