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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Tennisicon.png Laromande is a frequent Poop Tennis player. You can view his/her Tennis Roster here.
Vhsico.jpg This person is an Analogue Pooper.
YTPMV.jpg This pooper is a frequent creator of YouTube Poop Music Videos.

laromande (aka laro, mon amour, gross put) is one the few swiss actives poopers (sth like 3 in total).

I am funny. I wrote this page. Except for one section. No one's interested in me enough to give his time to complete this crap. im not french pop

An external point of view on laro's Art and Craft[edit]

laromande's videos can be very challenging, as it leads to different perceptions. Basically, since she does whatever the hell she wants on her channel, a video can be structured around a dubious in-joke that most won't get, or will be in-your-face violent and abstract. It can even be very personal and intimate at times. Therefore, although she's mainly identified in the "rape-core/brain-rape" style of YTP (If you can call it that. She doesn't always anyway.), she can also break into some more classical YTPing (sentence-mixing, classical ear rape ...). Since she also does YTPMVs, and is a musician and noisemaker, her videos also have a musical edge to it. But in most cases, her videos are a synthesis of all these styles, both fun or not, both technically difficult or not.

But let's be clear (or at least, let's TRY to be clear) : it's not (that big of) a mess. Well, it is, but it's not a mindless sort of mess. Because the variety of tone and style is what creates meaning. Strangely, we see the same kind of thing in her francophone web-series 3DCSHITC2, a erratically animated, frantically dubbed story of order vs. chaos, which revolves mainly on changing the way the story is told at mid-sequence, bouncing from absrudly funny and ridicule to downright depressing. The videos that can be catalogued "YTPs" revolve on that sort of thing too, as an ensemble of mind-snippets.

If the versatility behind laromande's videos is hard to read into, said videos still feel linked to creative bursts. They have a sense of urgency to tell something, whether it's weird private jokes or more hard to explain issues. Interestingly enough (or maybe not but whatever), communication and expression are the themes that she got around to discuss in the IRL TENNIS she did with LaVie CestLol. In a nutshell, laromande's videos can be seen as a way of expressing oneself through media. Which is, in the end, what YTP is all about.

Therefore, laromande is what everything in here is all about. NOW KNEEL.


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maybe they dont even wanna see themselves into this list

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  • trivial pursuit
  • pop
  • She is INFJ on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.
  • Her nickname's not supposed to be written with a capital L, since nicknames originally are fully written in small caps