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Qsoft1.JPG This article is about a type of Software used in making poops.

Wax is a free video editing software which, despite being old, has a lot of functionality, including the ability to work with 3D shapes. It is also available as a plugin for certain older video editing software, such as Sony Vegas (up to 6), Adobe Premiere 2.0, and Editstudio. While many poopers use Wax, it's mostly seen used by "mind rape" poopers. Many notable people in the genre use Wax as a primary tool, such as MycroProcessor, CorruptionSound, and fiv95.

Wax is also compatible with VirtualDub plugins and Windows Movie Maker plugins. This also applies to the plugin version of Wax. You can use this to bring those effects into Vegas or standalone Wax and cut WMM/VideoPad out of your life entirely.

Advantages Over WMM and/or Videopad[edit]

  • Reversing
  • Multiple tracks
  • Easy chroma keying
  • Track motion and ability to move the video wherever you want (use "quick 3D", you're welcome)
  • Keyframing
  • 3D effects
  • And more!

Plugin Features[edit]

  • Everything standalone Wax can do (aside from the regular editing stuff of course because that would be redundant)
  • Keyframable 3D shapes. All the cubes and spheres you want
  • Color and noise generating effects

Where to Find[edit]

Completely, 100% free. No trial version, no cracks, hacks, keygens, torrents. Go right here and download Wax

Poopers Who Use Wax[edit]