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Bowser Jr.

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Name: Bowser Jr.
Appears In: Super Mario Sunshine, various spin-offs
Sex: Male
DOB: 1998 (age 25–26)
Occupation(s): Villain-wannabe/series Scrappy
Played By: Tara Strong/Dolores Rogers/Catey Sagoian

Bowser Jr. (1998-) is Bowser's 8th and youngest child. Of his siblings, he is the dumbest and least popular of them all. He got in Super Smash Bros, albeit only as a vehicle for all 7 of the Koopalings.


The sign that he used during his introduction to the world.

Bowser Jr. was born in 1998 to an unknown mother and Bowser. As a child, he would love to imitate his father, and loved to cause mischief. In 2002, he attempted his largest act of mischief: capturing Princess Toadstool, whom he pretended to think was his mother. He failed after he was defeated by Mario.

He also wanted to fuck that Mario, which led to his father admitting that he wanted to fuck him.


He once had the magic to become a fake form of Mario called Shadow Mario. Not to be mistaken for the Cosmic Mario.


  • Vandalism
  • His father Bowser
  • "Mama" Peach
  • Becoming the fake Mario form called Shadow Mario.