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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

this person has no face
NiceBoomer2.jpg This pooper started during late 2006 - early 2007, when YouTube Poop experienced a boom in popularity.

In brief[edit]

A quiet but sometimes creative Youtube pooper. His channel was originally gaming featuring glitches and speedruns.

He also likes watching cartoons such as Super Mario Bros Super Show and The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

He was on Youtube one night, when he saw "Mama Luigi is a Nuclear Weapon". After seeing that video he wanted to make Youtube Poops.

In average he makes at least 1-2 poop(s) per month because he has a very busy life and sometimes takes a few days to make a serious poop.

Some of his poops are well known to use actual gameplay footage from games such as:

"The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past"

"Super Mario World"

"Wario Ware Mega-micro games" and

"Pokémon Battle Revolution".

AS OF October 1st 2008 his newest poops will be on his Alt account named:

Greenalinkpoopuction: It's already notable that he is the first person to poop:

Monkey Dust


First poop seen[edit]


Can't remember really. First saw one of these poops late 2006 he didn't see these random videos again till early April 2007.

First poop made[edit]

Hotel Mario Uncut Edition


A mixture of both random and entertaining. A little bit of sentence mixing (most notably Volvic Poops). Usually like a bit of ear-rape and reverse noises that are usually predictable ("YOU PIECE OF S***"). Doesn't mind seeing really messed up images but can't be bothered to do it himself.

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Cd-i (but not much now, may use it as random fillers source sometimes)
  • Game clips (obviously he is a gamer at SDA and TASvideos)
  • Volvic (The good pre-2008 days when his video was very popular)
  • Dangermouse (notably the Pilot episode)
  • Classic British Kids shows.
  • Monkey Dust

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Clip link Chaining
  • Music
  • Reversed Sounds




Anything that he never watched because (because he lacks Sky Digital TV)

Shows like For example: Ben 10 or Cartoon Network Exclusive shows as he doesn't know what's so good about it.

Using the "One Month Later" CD-I clip for the wrong use.

  • The purely newer animés like Lucky Star, but not Animal Crossing Movie (based on game).
  • The in-house background music used in the 4Kids Sonic X Dub.
  • Titles saying Youtube poop which seems more like a flash poop (but it's not much of a big deal though, so keep calm).
  • Fanboy drama with Deepercutt and Walrusguy.

For example: "OMG Walrusguy has more subs than Deepercutt which makes him now the king of poop" (Who cares).


Some of the poops are 'quite' popular, 7 out of 20 poops are at the 50,000 mark. He hasn't made any traps videos yet until April 1st (obviously April fools) where he made a Pokémon Glitch Trap. With some popular videos dispite having under 850 subscribers is quite good. Comparing to very popular (non-flash) poopers like Stegblob, Deepercutt, ElectrictheCheese. They all have at least over 1000 subscribers. ElectrictheCheese loves the Wario Ware Poops, Stegblob thinks Greenalink was some kind of genious with the Robotnik Microgames poop. Deepercutt likes the effects especially the Sonic Microgames looked quite real.


He doesn't really mind and he learnt from that criticism most notably "Born to F..."

The "Wario Ware Robotnik Microgames" is another example were some viewers didn't like the intro but he didn't mind the criticism because it wasn't relevant to the main part of the video and it was a just random YTP intro.


Greenalink almost made a Wario Ware fad, the only problem was that it requires advance video editing programmes such as Adobe or Vegas, which means that the number of (if possible) responses won't be as high as:

  • Unfitting music


  • This video is better than the Godfather.

Because the Wario Ware Poops became really original the Admin honoured Greenalink about a interview of this.

Has the most successful Volvic Poop in 2007 (until WalrusGuy's Volvic poop beats it after 1 week of being uploaded) and the most sucessful Wario Ware (insert name) Microgames [of course Greenalink started that fad so it is going to be popular anyway]. Greenalink's "This video is Way Better than all of the Halo games combined" is the most popular responeded video based on views to Stegblob's "This video is better than the Godfather".

Greenalink regains his most popular Volvic poop in mid September 2008 from his seoond Volvic video (George Volcano is drunk) after WalrusGuy's account sadly got suspended.

Probably the most recognised featured pooper to post Gaming>Pooping. Soon he make an account to fully focus on pooping and tennis matches. He'll add the old poops into the playlist, and for the newer poops to be posted in Greenalink's favourites.

In May 2008 he also made: All of the shots played at once fad, it seems like a mixture of all of the music in a soundtrack at once + a new layer added every second.

Will soon film some DS clips (including Zelda Phantom Hourglass) with his awesome filming skills to be posted as future Youtube poop source.



In Real Life[edit]



  • ElectricTheCheese (Music videos and the motivation for Greenalink to make Youtube poops)
  • Pimpsahoy (Use of Ear Rape and annoyance)
  • Deepercutt (Use of video effects in an entertaining way and a bit of annoyance at the same time)
  • Stegblob (Humourous Robotnik videos)
  • SuperYoshi (How a good poop should come out as)
  • Walrusguy (When it comes to sentence mixing)


Other Information[edit]

He has been posting some poops not by Greenalink (but does say who it's done by) onto his Facebook account to show his friends. He has also made some of his own poops exclusive to that website including:

"This video could be better than Big Brother 9 UK" It was a small scene from Arby 'n the Chief Movie where Master Chief drives his ROFLCAR

"#71519 Contains a bit of Peri & Becca" This was part of #71519 The Critc fad. Obviously his attempt.

As of 3rd September 2008 his Computer used for Youtube poops and DS glitch is back but for some reason his sound drives and Fire Wire cables are not working properly.


  • The original name was going to be Greena but that was already used so the new and cooler name turned out to be Greenalink because it was mainly to show glitches of Link to the Past game.
  • The 1st 7 poops not counting music or fad responses videos he made so far have been done by using the near useless Windows Movie Maker.

Until 22nd of September 2007 he used Adobe Premiere.

  • The longest poop to make was "When a Wailord-Tossing Blissey Attacks", this poop is also the very first video of GreenaLink's channel to have an Honour.
  • "Greenalink's Volvic Youtube Poop" is the most popular based on View Count for a Pure Volvic Poop of 2007 ("Mr Simon's Quest not to use Mama Luigi" does uses a Volvic ad clip and has a higher view count but it doesn't really count because the Volvic ad wasn't shown throughout the video).
  • "Wario Ware Robotnik Microgames" is the only poop done by Greenalink to have the most (10) Today based honours (not all of them came at the same time but some catgories managed to be in the top 100), 3 Weekly based honours and 3 Monthly based honours.
  • "Wario Ware Robotnik Microgames" could be one of the most creative Youtube Poops ever that The Electric Cheese said "The funniest, most clever and original poop I have ever seen".
  • "Wario Ware Robotnik Microgames" is quite successful that it managed to get 1000 views in under 48 hours, also Greenalink made a video response with a Mario version.
  • There wasn't really any new videos of YTP in Octber because his computer suffered a power surge which required a new power supply, so in return he released the preview of his newest Wario Ware Poop.
  • Likes IDEH jokes so much he wants to make his own ones, so to make sure he doesn't totally rip off Stegblob's idea he uses game clips the first one uses the game called "Sonic the Hedgehog 2"
  • Bombtrack4546 top favourite Youtube Poop of 2007 was Hotel Mario uncut edition because it was the first poop for him to watch the whole thing through and was inspired with the Gay Luigi (Loop) video.
  • Greenalink is one of the first people to have "Pokémon Battle Revolution" in a Youtube Poop
  • "Wario Ware: Mario Microgames" is in the top 100 Youtube poops of 2008 thanks to Furnessly nomination for mentioning that Greenalink used Furnessly's SMBSS clip of the fight scene from Mario King of Cramalot.
  • Hotel Mario Uncut Edition made 2 new featured poopers ShitStation and KingCornholio.
  • He once a time was a TASer, but now he is a speedrunner.


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