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Girla PurpleHeart

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In brief[edit]

Girla "PurpleGallys" PurpleHeart (known as Girla PurpleHeart or PurpleGallys) is a current host of PurpleHeart Palace and is featured from her boyfriend's Sprite Comic called The Outsiders. She is also a member of several forum communities and used to be an admin on several forum communities such as: Hockeyclown Inc., The Land Of Spriters/Land of Gamers, Fox Den, Gamer's Matrix and Video Games Universe, though some of these forums suffered from being deleted due to term of service, hijacked, and being inactive. She also hosted one of the several websites: Giana Sisters.TK, Otaku*Pop Blog, Twilight Realm Blog, EroDoujin Online, and Zeta Gliese For more information about this user, please see her User article on Wikipedia.


IMNzQS8Xzrg|250}} Girla PurpleHeart's first Youtube Poop.

Girla joined YouTube on June 23rd, 2006 since it offered her a service to upload videos. She started with uploads of video games and Anime previews as a means to share them with others who may be interested. She created her one of her first Anime Music Videos in December of 2006.

By February 17th, 2007, she created her first YouTube Poop video.

By August 21st,2007, she created a joke video about the news of September which YouTube staff apparently took seriously and there fear they going to remove the CD-i game-related videos in September. Youtube staff also believed that she was an admin, but she had to explain that the video in question was supposed to be a joke.

By September 24, 2007, her account on YouTube was suspended, due to the posting of the show-clip episode on Family Guy, when Peter Vomits during the contest with Brain, Stewie and Chris as they vomit when they lose. It was removed by 20th Century Fox Company without the user's notice. In response to this loss, she created her Dailymotion account to re-upload her poop videos. However she quickly closed the account since she missed Youtube and was still getting over the loss.

However, her poops are no longer gone since she decided to reupload her videos on different sites like Putfile in order to put it on the forums that she visits, but the site was shut down as of April 2009 and relocated to eBaum's World. As of January 25th, 2008, she returned to YouTube Poop forums (now YouChew) to post her videos from Putfile and to show her old videos at her Putfile account to everyone on the forums. She returned to YouTube when she finished uploading all her old poops onto Putfile.

By February 3rd, 2008, she had returned to YouTube, and uploaded her new poop. However, because of her inactivity she started having problems with her programs while working on her videos.

By May 27, 2009, She updated her deviantART Journal to let her followers know that a third youtube account would be created in case her second one became suspended.

By June 23rd, she made her move to her third account.

By June, 2010, Girla decided to reuploading her old YouTube Poop videos onto her second account.

By June 30th, 2010, her YouTube account got hacked. This prompted her to create yet another YouTube account. To prevent further hacking she closed down her two previous accounts. She once again reuploaded her old YouTube Poop videos on this account.


By February 17th, 2012, she uploaded her 5th Anniversary video. The video was a remastered version of her 6 previous YouTube Poop videos that were recycled and edited on Sony Vegas. She thanked the YouChew Community for keeping this fad and community alive and will continued to support it.

First poop seen[edit]

The Legend of Zelda: WTF - Made by Tabull89 [REUPLOAD]

First poop made[edit]

YouTube Poop - The Random Videos of Classic Stuff - [REUPLOAD]


Preferred Sources[edit]


Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Death
  • Dinner Fetish
  • Extreme Slow-Mo
  • Explosions
  • Stutter Loop
  • Vanilla Loop
  • Vanilla Surprise
  • Speakonia - used for making fun of the characters with the speakonia program, see Barney Bunch for details.
  • Ear Rape (sometimes)




  • Some people have reported some of her Tennis Matches and Collab videos that contains seizure-like flashes, which reminded her to put a warning to some users with epilepsy on her description to her videos. She also posted a warning in the early videos about the upcoming ear rape before the video starts.



In Real Life[edit]




Other Information[edit]


Girla had a crush on Link due to the fact he's the Hero of Time. She also loves Zero from Mega Man X because of his sexy blond hair and his voice that sounds like a surfer. Unfortunately, it appears that Kefka stole her heart from him (as in literally. it's in a jar somewhere) due to the fact he is similar to Link and Zero.


  • Girla PurpleHeart's first Youtube Poop video, The Random Videos of Classic Stuff was actually based on Kajetokun's 9000!! NINE THOUSAAAAANDD! video.
  • Reportedly went back in time in order to invent YouTube Poop, though this is not 100% true. Yet, she only wished to go back in time to fix her mistakes from her past communities, which haunts her to this date.
  • She's a geek of retro gaming and loves to watch anime, cartoons...and HENTAI!!
  • She also likes to draw
  • Her favorite YouTube Pooper was The Electric Cheese, before he retired to become a remixer.
  • She's also a fan of Stuart K. Reilly and his FUCKING SKUNK!!
  • She wants to steal a cake from GLaDOS's lair, because she loves sweets, just like Stocking. But Wheatley pretty much ruins it.
  • She hates Sigma from Mega Man X.
He is not to be confused with SirSigma.


  • According to some personal information about having girl crushes on fictional characters, it is revealed that she's in fact, bisexual.
  • She has a boyfriend.
  • She's also a magical girl.


Other Links[edit]

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