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This article refers to either a food found in Youtube Poop, or an article related to food. Either way, it sure is delicious. MMMMMMMMMM, food!

Do you like waffles?

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This is delicious!


Waffles are a breakfast food that is similar to a pancake, but instead of being made in a pan, they are made in a waffle iron.

They are also infamous for the song "Do You Like Waffles?".


Waffles are a cake made from either batter or dough that is pressed in a hot waffle iron. They originated in Europe, but first came to the United States through the pilgrims. Belgian waffles would, however, arrive much later, at the 1964 World's Fair in New York.


People Who Like Waffles

People Who HATE Waffles


  • They can supposedly cure Prostate Cancer.
  • Most Americans eat frozen waffles, though fresh waffles are still popular, usually at diners and non-fast food restaurants serving breakfast.

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