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Super Robotnik

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Super Robotnik shows off his muscles.
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A superpowered form of Dr. Robotnik. Robotnik first became Super Robotnik using the magic of the five Chrome Dumplings. His abilities include flight, bending steel bars like spaghetti, and making his ear grow in size. Super Robotnik planned to use his abilities to put an end to Sonic the Hedgehog once and for all, but his plans were foiled when he discovered that his arse was not affected by the Chrome Dumplings' magic, and thus sitting on a pin caused him to lose his powers.

Regardless of this, Robotnik has been able to change into Super Robotnik again from time to time. Once, a steamroller belonging to him was used to turn Plucky Duck into a carpet, and he also stole candy from Freakazoid. Elmyra Duff also went to his birthday party once.

More recently, he has appeared as a member of Mama Luigi's team of Super Amigos, alongside Super Koopa, Super Grover, and Mighty Man. As a member of the Super Amigos, Super Robotnik's heroic catchphrase is "Hey, you kanko bandits! Knock off the pumpernickel!", which he has been shown to say while sounding like Fred Flintstone.

Super Robotnik (Also known as "Mega Robotnik") also appeared on one of MetalAcid5's old videos. Mega Robotnik is like Super Robotnik, only his origin of gaining his super powers was caused by slipping into a tub of magic, grape kool-aid.