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Freakazoid (Character)

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Freakazoid poses for his picture.
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Freakazoid is the protagonist of the Warner Bros. Animation-produced superhero cartoon of the same name. His secret identity is teenage nerd Dexter Douglas (who is voiced by Danny Phantom), who received an Apex Pinnacle Chip for Christmas. What he didn't realize was that the chip had a flaw in it that occurred if someone were to enter the following text in Google and then hit the Delete key:


Sure enough, that's exactly what happened with Dexter. After hitting "Delete" on his keyboard, Dexter was sucked into the Internet and became Freakazoid, a superhero who behaves like Jerry Lewis. He often battles the evil forces of such campy baddies as The Lobe and Candle Jack, but can never refuse a diversion offered by his buddy Sergeant Cosgrove. He also sometimes likes to sing about songs about chubby angels whose wings are so fat they can't fly without crashing into things.

In addition, Freakazoid also has to grant requests whenever parasites are two of a kind. For example, Loud Kiddington recruited him to stop Edgar Allan Poe when he and his cronies were ruining famous books. Prior to that, he also helped Robotnik save the Robotnik Pridelands when they were being torn up by Lobe Industries.