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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.


This pooper is eternal. Therefore, we presume he was born as one of the first humans to roam the planet; at least the first civilized. He has seen many things that would take five years to explain.

Most of these things he has seen can be found in several books that he collaborated on with Arthur Miller and Shakespeare. They are at sale at Border's for $14.99, but really, no one buys them, probably because they are really poorly-written, and when I say Arthur Miller and Shakepeare helped Ninty Screen out, I mean to say that at least half the book is a rip-off of both Hamlet and The Crucible.

How NintyScreen sleeps at night is well beyond me.

First Poop Watched[edit]

Oh, no. It wasn't Superyoshi's 'poop' that was his first. Rather, it was lost footage from a World War II propaganda film, describing how the Nazis were.

He acts like this is something to be proud of, but in reality, it actually isn't. But it's a'ight.


First Poop Developed[edit]

It wasn't until 2008 that he created his first poop. It was CD-i, which was when AIDS was becoming more extinct in the terms of YouChewPoop. He only had WMM, so that's what he used to make his poops come alive. Oh, and plugins. That's why he actually made one. The title for this poop was Project Zero.

Shameless Advertising[edit]

He has been accused of shameless advertising on the forum and on youtube. Not only that, but on, ToonZone, and places you've never been on.

NintyScreen's Masterpiece[edit]



He's got many styles. In fact, some styles have been embraced by many future poopers. He is glad to see that. Very glad.

Used Resources[edit]


  • Everything, cause he is old.


  • He met Blazephlozard before YouChewPoop under
  • Isn't that popular.
  • Has gotten a creator response twice. Unfortunately, they were negative.
  • He's played every arcade game with a high score. Why? Because he is AAA.