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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
YTPMV.jpg This pooper is a frequent creator of YouTube Poop Music Videos.
Closed.png The account mojkafel has been Closed.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!

In Brief[edit]

Shortly existing pooper since February 2013. Master of None when it comes to YTP. Generally, he knew how Poopisms drive the video's audience, but they were totally average. He also attempted creation of YTPMVs.


Michael is a Jew of Polish descent. Polish is much more of his native language. Nevertheless he thought that "not his country" is better place for finding something non-expectable in life (and Youtube Poops were no exception). Around the middle of may 2010 he begin to learn in the High School. Usual for the cool guy (by all means), Michael was socialized and friendly enough to be liked. However one of his best friends was a main factor which let him discover the truth of YTPs existence. One day, there was a house visit and Internet exploration - it was said "how this [Internet] thing is huge".

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The King explains true meaning of Michael's life...
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...along with Robotnik saying the name of his least usable part of the body
Michael as he sees himself in the future
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Michael spends spare time in similar way

And one thread; pretty closely related to Poops, was one of the very first things Michael watched on Youtube. It was video known as Wielki Mix Youtube (eng: "Grand YouTube Mix"). He really liked it and with the help of friend's explanations he wasn't so confused. On his own he searched videos on YouTube. Then he have found the first Polish Youtube Poop entitled "Teleturniej Kinga" (eng."The King's quiz"). Discovering, that YTP has American origin he found another original Poops also featuring King Harkinian. Long time afterwards he enjoyed watching even more YTPs, sticking to sources, like Link: The Faces of Evil or Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, followed by faving their memes (such as PINGAS or Mah Boi). Quite recently he found YTPs with IRL sources along with YTPMVs, true theme of Brony (+sgtscrubnoob with appreciation) and the most famous Pooper in the entire YouTube - cs188. Michael was attempting to get advanced software without paying for a long time, succeeding after 3 years with Sony Vegas and keygen. He made his first Poop at the start of February 2013. Shortly afterwards, he received positive opinion from his another favourite YTPer - DaThings1. On 22nd of April Michael joined YouChew and submitted one of his recent work

The End[edit]

On 21st May 2013, mojkafel closed his account. According to Michael himself, he closed account for no reason and guaranteed to never come back. His YouChew account is still in existence, but remains unused.

First Poops Seen[edit]

The King has some Serious Problems
Dinner Blaster 2
Robotnik's Pingas Machine

First Poop Made[edit]

How to Ruin Your Car


Primarily oldschool repeating, pitching and speed changing with some extra cosmetic effects. Some sentence mixing included.

All videos made[edit]

Used Sources[edit]


Preferred Methods[edit]




One may not simply understand the love of Brony, so many will hang bloodthirsty dogs on his head for this. Also, what Jack of All Trades will be good at?

Preferred Software[edit]

Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 (although he will attempt to use more recent version)


  • Mój kafel (correct way to write his account name) is Polish for "My Tile", which may seem odd, because he's Israeli. This may be most likely the result of migration to Poland.
  • He is the first pooper who submitted YTP of a video featuring Lauren Faust. This was getting a JOJ as a storyboarder and first reference showing how mojkafel favors cs188.
  • As a Brony, mojkafel seems to be the big fan of Fluttershy. Her images or videos are seen in every YTP of him (with exception of "YTPMV-The Mask's clocking dubstep").
    Yes. This watermark
    • it also seems that he will use the watermark with her pretty muzzle forever, because it made its first appearance and never dissapeared.