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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

Kingtom is a YouTube Pooper from California. Originally a fan of DINNER-spaghetti poops, KT got into more elaborate poops such as those from the likes of MustangSally72, MrRoboto113, and Rad Rock (not to say he's an elitist, as he also enjoys CD-i sentence mixers from Quibbyjibby and SwishFilmsinc). He is friends with fellow Deep Purple enthusiast MRINSTRUCTIONBOOK and sometimes talks to Mick Mangles on Facebook, not like it matters. He considers madanonymous to be the greatest Pooper of all-time.


KT started watching poops at the end of 2007, mainly DINNER-spaghetti poops as they were most prevalent at the time. The first poop he ever saw was an MS Paint Poop with Dr. Robotnik involving sentence-bleeping and terrible paint-jobs. Naturally, he was turned off by it. What was his saving-grace was the Poop classic What is Spaghetti? which immediately hooked him on to YTPs to this very day.

For the most part, KT never wanted to make poops, as he didn't have the patience (and still doesn't). After watching several CD-i sentence mixers and a few Ear Rapers, KT attempted to make his first YTP on Windows Movie Maker with only sound clips and GIFs (terrible idea, of course). After he watched the video, and it sucked, he decided just to be a Poop watcher, so he gave up for about three years.


On August 30, 2010, KT created his first true YTP called "Robotnik's Burning Boogie," a mediocre Poop that just involves clip-splicing of Dr. Robotnik playing the organ and Scratch and Grounder dancing over Jon Lord's keyboard solo in the Deep Purple song "Burn" (With a little surprise at the end!). A day later, he created another Poop using more Deep Purple footage and even more, louder surprises and a genuine attempt at sentence-mixing. It was then he decided that his main source to use would be that of concert footage from rock bands.