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Barney Bunch

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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.
Here's a story, of some swell buttfuckers.

The Barney Bunch is a group of flash animators who post regularly on Newgrounds, YTMND, and YouTube that typically portray Barney and other children's aimed characters (both fictional and real) as homosexuals who depravedly fuck everything in sight. The animation content has strong usage of toilet humor, sexual themes, and most of the characters voices are created by Speakonia. The most commonly used characters in these works are Drew Pickles, Barney the Purple Gay Dinosaur, Ronald "Penis Clown" McDonald, and Ronald's brother Dick the Clown. Their enemy is Pube Muppet. The Barney Bunch is a part of the Anti-Barney humor category.


The Barney Bunch originated on Newgrounds, a site known for its "blam" function that saw flashes of a poor reception get removed from the site. The low-effort nature and juvenile dialogue of Barney Bunch flashes meant blamming was inevitable without Barney Bunch members themselves attempting various workarounds, such as voting 5 en masse. Even with these attempts at workarounds, the vast majority of Barney Bunch flashes have been removed from Newgrounds, and Barney Bunch videos are much easier to find on YouTube, which lacks a blam function.

Usage in Poop

On August 14, 2007, Girla PurpleHeart created a Barney Bunch Video with the CD-i character versions of Bowser and Ganon in it, and they pretended that they had sex with the Speakonia moaning like "hahahhahahahahahahfagohfagohhamahahahaha" typed sounds like the other Barney Bunch videos, and it became a part of the YouTube Poop Category. However, it is (sort-of) a poop, though doesn't have much to do with YouTube Poop. She also made a video of The Secret Episode of Anime Girls with Ganon, as an narrator in the beginning of the video. These videos are no longer available due to the termination of Girla's YouTube account.

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  • The BB was founded by MrBlue and StrawberryBarney. Other notable first generation BB users include SovietBarney, TwistedBarney, RetardBarney, L, and Lord Lonic.
  • JohnnyLurg is in the Barney Bunch.
  • Wileyk209zback and his brother have collaborated on several Barney Bunch-themed dubs of Rugrats episodes under the "BigBoyRats" name. Many of them are now on DropBox, since Viacom doesn't think Speakonia dubs qualify as fair use.
  • Dick the Clown is perhaps the most enigmatic of the Barney Bunch characters. He's a cartoon clown with his dick sticking out, and no one knows the origin of the image.
    • Dick is often censored or excluded entirely from Barney Bunch videos to prevent the risk of YouTube taking the videos down. There was also once a movement to replace Dick with the Quaker Oats Man as the fourth biggest Barney Bunch member.


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