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Futures Passed Free Music

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“Futures Passed Free Music”, often called FPFM, was a netlabel that was established by Futures Passed in January of 2010. The label was renamed "Mind Antivirus Entertainment" in May 2012 and was active until 2014 when a spambot attack ravaged the site. The label was open to artists of many genres, several being Poopers, with all of its music released free to download.

Notable Artists[edit]

The record label was home to a number of Poopers, including:

Notable Releases[edit]

Some notable albums on FPFM include the following:

  • FPFM: 2010 Blend: This was the first label-artist-only release. This included demos and other odd tracks by the label's artists.
  • Dojin: This was originally released on the YouChew Forum. Once Ophios (the collaboration organizer) joined FPFM, it was added to the label's compilations.