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Futures Passed

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Futures Passed was a netlabel and music-based community known for its popularity within the YouTube Poop community, operated by musician and web designer RobotComics.



RobotComics's internet presence began when he had joined YouTube in late 2006, way before he would eventually come across YouTube Poop. Futures Passed was originally a band name, coined sometime in 2005-2006, and hosted a number of failed attempts at music occurred before 2009, all of which being analog recordings on guitar.


When he started working on electronic music, his early electronic songs were simple, original YTPMV-style music, which were released on the simply-titled FP YTPMV 2009.


In 2010, RobotComics started the record label Futures Passed Free Music, which immediately signed a few musicians from the forum and from YouChewPoop. His first release of his own was also his first electronic music made in FruityLoops Studio 9, titled "Creativity Placebo". He also released a few YTPMVs, which included his first attempt at a digital single, "How Is Babby Formed", a song which was remixed by two Breakbit artists for the release. FP YTPMV 2010 is in the works.

The Future[edit]

Futures Passed is still potentially a band, and Steve intends to blend rock, electronic, classical, pop, and even YTPMV under the name.

Video Blogging & Philosophy[edit]

Steve originally intended for his FuturesPassed account on YouTube to be a place to upload his music, but it quickly became a place to host a video blog based on philosophy, debate, and science. Popularity peaked in late 2008, about the time when his focus shifted towards YouTube Poop. He still makes these videos from time to time, but most of his philosophy now ends up on his personal blog.[edit]

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The forums as they appeared on July 2010.
"Steve talking about forum skins is very sexy."  -A forum-goer
"Allow me to slip into a more comfortable skin."  -Steve in response

Futures Passed is also the name of the accompanying website ran by Steve and opened in about 2009, consisting of Steve's music and a forum. Intended to be primarily about the discussion of music and the sharing of original compositions, the forums also drew a generously-sized audience of YouChew members, who would often discuss the current state and the antics of YouChew.

A massive spambot attack ravaged the site in late 2013 which, in combination with the declining popularity of the forums, were both accompanied by the subsequent closure of the forums in 2014. The main website still remains up, linking both to Steve's bio and contact information and to Steve's automobile-oriented website,


  • The first song he wrote that had both lyrics and music is called "Do Not Trust", yet it has never been recorded. However, the second song, "2-19" has been. All other lyrical songs have not been.
  • The video that got Steve into philosophy and video blogging was "On Profanity" by thecaster, a video that was featured on YouTube before featured videos were made partner-exclusive.
  • Although most of his songs use a 4/4 beat, his first electronic song, "All Atheists Go To Heaven" uses a 6/8 beat and used clips of a MycroProcessor video.
  • Steve used to create comics about dumb robots, and originally created his RobotComics YouTube channel to upload slideshow versions of his comics. The idea was abandoned less than a week later.
  • In the first half of 2010, he made more music than any previous point in his life combined.