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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In brief[edit]

BigEyesLuigi (aka YTPtutorials) is a teenage pooper since 2013. He became an YTP tutor by showing editing tricks in Sony Vegas. He also wishes that he could make some games and release his game development progress in his channel.


Pre-YTP (2010-2011):[edit]

Luigi found YouTube when his friends recommended a viral video in that site back in 2010. He started to fall into love with YouTube, and watched tons of videos every day. He created his first channel in November 2011, releasing pointless Paint tutorials, gameplays and stupid stuffs. A year after, Luigi created another channel dedicated to making walkthroughs and Minecraft tutorials. Even though he got 1 subscriber in every month, he was still happy. Unfortunately, his friends discovered his channel and started to urge him to make more videos. Luigi then quickly lose interest and abandoned the channels.

Discovering YTPs (2011-2014):[edit]

Luigi saw his first YouTube poop in 2011. He found an Annoying Orange YTP showed in suggested videos section. As Luigi had never seen a YTP, he found it extremely funny. Then, he started to watch many YTPs and subscribed to good poopers such as TheRumChum, cs188, EmperorLemon, and Deepercutt. Luigi was deeply inspired by these great poopers and released his first YTP, [YTP] Luigi's best bedtime story, on 14 January 2013. This poop is about Luigi telling Yoshi a bedtime story with 30 seconds of unedited footage and crappy cuts by using Windows Movie Maker. He made 4 more YTPs in the same year. (You can watch 2 out of those 5 YTPs in his alternate channel) Seeing that the quality of his poops was extremely terrible, he quickly gave making creating YTPs.

YTPtutorials (2014-2015):[edit]

Luigi downloaded a cracked Sony Vegas 10 in December 2013. He quickly learned how to use it. He thought it was a good idea to share what he had learned by teaching others. Luigi created a new channel, named 'YTPtutorials' on 9 January 2014. Luigi published his first YTP tutorial 2 weeks later, which is about head masking. Luigi went on hiatus for 5 months and published his first Sony Vegas YTP ([YTP] Hotel Mario gets corrupted by the evil Mario). The channel started to get very active in September 2014 with publishing more YTPs and YTP tutorials. The subscriber number quickly jumped from 5 to 100.

BigEyesLuigi (2015-now):[edit]

Luigi realized that his channel is not for publishing YTP tutorials. Moreover, he thought the old name is too cheesy. Therefore, he changed his username to 'BigEyesLuigi' on 12 February 2015. As more tutorials and YTPs are published, the channel quickly grew a lot.

In the same month, a troll decided to create a channel named 'BigEyesLuigi Videos', which is impersonating Luigi and stole his videos (That's because Luigi blocked him for spamming few months ago and the troll decided to have a revenge). On 28 February 2015, he created 'BigEyesLuigi is Justin Bieber', which stole even more videos from his friends' channels. This channel got a huge response few days after its appearance. Luckily, this joke channel was deleted.

At the same time, YouTube decided to be an asshole. Luigi's YTP tennis rounds, YTP tutorial #14 and his Gordon Ramsay YTP collab were taken down due to being "misleading".

Despite of that, his channel kept on growing and finally reached 1000 subscribers in October 2015. He received his first fan-art made by RyanYTP. Later, he received channel arts and logo for his collaboration by him.

In February 2018, his Toy Review Channel YTP was being given a community strike by YouTube for 'harassment and bullying'.

Long period of hiatus (2016-2017)[edit]

Luigi had been constantly distracted by heavy workload from school in late 2016. He also lost interest temporarily on making videos and started playing Cities Skylines instead. This started a half-year hiatus period from November 2016 to June 2017. After Luigi uploading a Bee movie meme (on Nov 28, 2016), there were no activity of the channel until on Mar 31, 2017, when Luigi uploaded a channel update. After further hiatus of 2 months, he finally uploaded a toy channel YTP.

First poop seen[edit]

First poop made[edit]

(YTP) Luigi's best bedtime story


  • Scrambling
  • Ear Rape
  • Stutter Loop
  • Masking
  • Sentence mixing

Preferred Software[edit]

  • Vegas Pro 15
  • GenArts Sapphire v7.06
  • BCC 8

Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Mario cartoon episodes
  • SammyClassicSonicFan


  • Most Mario games (SMB, SMB3, SMG...)
  • YTPs with crazy and intense editing
  • Drinking lemonade
  • My Hero Academia anime series


  • Trolls
  • SpaDinner
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Creationists
  • Immature fanboys
  • YouTube copyright detection system (Seriously who doesn't hate it?)

Influenced by[edit]


His poops were criticised to have too much ear rapes and make people having seizures. His early Vegas Pro tutorials were also criticised to be unclear and subtitles going too fast.

Fun facts[edit]

  • Luigi changed his Twitter name to 'BigEyesLuigi' weeks before his channel just for an experiment.
  • There's a list created by him to jot down some notable events happened in his channel for references.
  • He created a troll channel to leave hateful messages to a famous Minecraft YouTuber, which resulted in getting too much immature hate from butthurt kids.
  • His first YouTube video is about a toy car crashing into a Lego man. It was deleted because he found it too pointless
  • The original channel logo was chosen from his first Vegas YTP because he thought a picture of CD-i Luigi with big eyes was funny
  • Luigi actually planned out a whole YTP-learning course with different topics and sections, but the idea was scrapped

YouTube channel[edit]