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Audio Distortion

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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.


Audio Distortion, previously known under the much more insensitive term of "Ear Rape", is the video editing process of making the audio of a clip to sound as loud as fuck. This is often used to annoy or shock, rather then to entertain, but it also has its audience. This technique has started a catagory of poops that were known as "Rape Poops" which mostly contains audio distortion and nothing else as a comedic or trolling sense.


Audio Distortion has a history amongst the Unseasoned as the most debated, most controversial poop technique of all time. Anyone you ask about it will have a different opinion about it.

Some can't make poops without it, some CLICK OFF a video if they even DETECT it. The haters of audio distortion will normally leave a comment on a distortion filled poop showing their disgust of how "unfunny" the video is. It has been reported that speakers have been blown out because of Audio Distortion.

How its done[edit]


There are many ways distortion can be done but here a few simple ways:

  • Audio Effects in Sony Vegas such as sliding the Compressor's levels all the way up which causes a constant "boost" of the audio clip's level. the aptly named "Distortion" audio effect, as well as Reverb, Graphic EQ, and Delay are also capable of it.
  • Volume levels in WMM XP. just turn the slider way up and Squadalah, we are off to the Loud Dimension.
  • Vista WMM is virtually impossible so most people use audacity to create audio distortion with it.

Poopers Who Frequently Use Rape[edit]

This list could get outrageously huge if ALL users of audio distortion were listed so this will cover poopers who have used it as their "calling card" in a poop