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1 Eyed Orange Mario

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Name: 1 Eyed Orange Mario
Appears In: ???
Sex: Male
Occupation(s): Tormentor

This mysterious sunset-colored man has never been seen untill the video "Guess Who's Back!" which was just posted January 29, 2009. This was his first apperance of all time, since his brother, 3 Eyed Blue Luigi, was created. He has, as his name suggests, one eye and an orange cap and shirt under his blue overalls. He is a cyclops like the Demoman.


  • The "Guess Who's Back" video was created by Dr. Awesome10.
  • He has only been seen as a pixel sprite. Someone may make a normal version someday, though.
  • He has been seen at Mama Luigi's eating disgusting amounts of Spaghetti. Luckily, he always has Fat Mario with him whenever he does so, in case of an overdose, so that Fat Mario can suck the excess fat off of him.
  • He was thought to have exploded after a spaghetti overdose that not even Fat Mario could help, which is why he has never been shown. He was mysteriously found by Dr. Awesome10 outside his house minutes before he made the video.
  • When Mario's nightmares began, (see 3 Eyed Blue Luigi,) it created an entire alternate family of the Mario Brothers, causing 1 Eyed Orange Mario to appear.
  • His arch nemesis is Blue Koopa.
  • His one eye prevents him from having depth perception.
  • When a man refers to his "one-eyed monster", he's talking about 1 Eyed Orange Mario, not his wiener.
  • He will have his revenge on Mario by teaming up with Malleo, Fortran, and Mario Mario to destroy him once and for all.