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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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The account(s) RevFirst has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!

In Brief[edit]

RevFirst AKA RevSecond is a pooper from back in the day who's a born again pooper of a DMCA attack. RevFirst got some attention when he joined a Spongebob Collab started by chach600. His entry stood out so thats part of it. He was also invited by Nazeem38 to one of his Skype chat groups and others along the way.


After a while his name spread through YouTube and Youchew. This caught the eye of good ol' Stuart K. Reilly who mentioned him on one of his news shows. This gave Rev lotsa subscribers but Rev provoked some DMCA'er as he got taken down :(. But he rose from the ashes and became RevSecond. Not much happened after that but Revvy still gets mentioned here and there.






First Poop Seen[edit]

Something Hotel Mario Related




Chroma key

Image Editing

Stutter loop

Sentence mixing

Preferred Sources[edit]

None. Originally preferred to give his own spin with popular sources. Not sure now.

Preferred Software[edit]

Sony Vegas 8

Adobe Photoshop CS3

After Effects CS4


Fast paced

Visual heavy without the use of effects

Jokes based poops

Creative transitions

Good taste in unpopular sources


Too fast

Too slow

Cut-outs look too rough

Don't upload enough videos

Poops could be longer

Don't make enough YTPMVs

Everything a littleYTP fan boy has to say about anyone




TheSwitcher - nota pewper




Stuart K. Reilly (MustangSally72)





And a fuckton-a-Robotnik poopers


He recently has more fun making smaller, shitty videos than make his "main" poops. Because of this, he now spends too much time on the SecretSaladSociety/TheFamilyLawnmower account(s).

He hates the name 'RevSecond'. Instead wanted to make a 'RevThirst' account.

His Other Accounts[edit]