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Dale Gribble

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Name: Dale Alvin Gribble
Appears In: King of the Hill
Sex: Male
Age: 47
Occupation(s): exterminator,president of the Arlen Gun Club,bounty hunter and soldier of fortune


Dale Gribble is one of the best friends of Hank Hill, Bill Dauterive, and Jeff Boomhauer. He's the owner and employee of the year for two decades of Dale's Dead Bug exterminating service. His wife is a slut who cheats on him with an indian. He's a known retard around Arlen for believing in many conspiracies such as Justin Bieber's penis, Robotnik watching him eating a Krabby Patty at 3 A.M., George The Volcano flooding the whole entire planet with Volvic and the existence of Mr. Big. One of his many achievements are stopping a Central American dictator, spraying pocket sand at a business man and stopped many bugs from killing thousands of people in the Arlen area. He plans