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Coconuts doubting the power of his coconuts.

Name: Coconuts
Appears In: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Sex: Male
Age: ???
Occupation(s): Demoted Badnik

Coconuts is a robotic monkey working for Dr. Robotnik. Not much is known about him, presumably because of Scratch and Grounder stealing the spotlight.


Coconuts was created by Robotnik originally to sort his collection of various "toys", but was remodeled to capture that hedgehog. Coconuts failed due to the fact that Sonic was too busy speaking to kids about inappropriate touching to be captured. After Scratch and Grounder were created, Coconuts was demoted for the first time, to cleanup duty (to clean up cum left around by Robotnik). He has been demoted frequently ever since, often for no reason. Coconuts also worked part time for Wes Weasley at Tiertex.

In Breif[edit]

"Doak-turrow BAught nic Da-mout3d mii 2 sanuTayshun doodie"


Coconuts stares in horror at his article on the Chewiki.
  • Coconuts has been demoted approximately 1295.31 times.
  • Coconuts can be seen as a boss in Resident Evil 5 where he transforms into a sea monster.
  • Was caught doing illegal drugs with Scratch and Grounder once; sentenced to 4 years in prison.
  • Ed Bighead once called for him to destroy Rocko's house, but he ended up destroying Ed's house instead.
  • Coconuts ran away from home because Robotnik didn't love him. He hasn't been seen since. Some suspect he now works in the black market, selling drugs, liquor, and supposedly national secrets (the latter is to rulers of foreign countries).
  • He once considered buying a toilet plunger over a magic set.
  • The light bulb on his head is the light that Fat Mario forgot to bring to the Cave Hotel.