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In brief[edit]

SONICNERD23 was an old spam thread on YouChewPoop's spam forum. Due to high praise and reception, it generated 9 sequels and a spin off.


The Beginning[edit]

It all started one day when NS2 and SonicNerd23 were talking about Tsukasa from Lucky Star. NS2, wanting to carry the discussion elsewhere, created the first SONICNERD23 thread as a Tsukasa picture spam thread. Soon, after NS2 thought this would ruin the forums, he talked with Sonicnerd about anime and Steven Spielberg movies. Soon, MAZZ0Murder, Crash2991, and TurkeyBeef all joined in the fray. What would soon follow would be the making of the largest spam thread in YouChew history.

SONICNERD23 II and the Planet Freedom Chapter[edit]

When the thread hit 100 pages, NS2 said it was enough and sure enough, SONICNERD23: Chapter II followed. However, sometime after the creation of that thread, RabbitSnore had to update the server, causing the forum members to retreat to Planet Freedom. There, NS2 made SONICNERD23: The Planet Freedom Chapter. It served as a temporary replacement until Rabbit managed to get the server back up. Then, things returned to normal and Sonicnerd and the others went to post in SONICNERD23: Episode III.

Weekly Deletion[edit]

However, this return was short lived, for Rabbit announced (possibly later than the said return point) that at the end of the week, the spam thread would be cleared. And so, after posting for the rest of the week, SONICNERD23: Episode III, Chapter II, and SONICNERD23 were all wiped off of the server, forever to be lost. The gang followed that up with SONICNERD23: Episode IV - Once a Week. RabbitSnore, feeling nice, made the thread an announcement, bringing the thread into the poop mainstream (not really). After that, SONICNERD23: Episode V (the only one made by the actual Sonicnerd) was made a sticky by Misselaineous10. Around this time, NS2 was promoted to mod status, so the threads afterward were stickied by him.

Jump the Shark[edit]

After SONICNERD23: Episode VII, SONICNERD23: Episode VIII - Manhattan was made. This is what is believed to be the point when the thread series jumped the shark. Despite the previous devotion to the threads, fewer and fewer pages were filled after 8.


When SONICNERD23: Episode X was made, the reception was poor. Soon after, the spam and venting forums were being raped to death by kingbooforums and a few others. The admins, taking note of this, deleted the spam forums and venting forums, which in turn destroyed SONICNERD23 X and the future of the threads as we knew it. That ended the series once and for all.

Novel Adaptation[edit]

A few months later, Sonicnerd, feeling nostalgic, decided to make the history of the threads into a novel adaptation which can be seen here. He currently has written six chapters.


The SONICNERD series currently lives on the hearts of those who believe in it. That's probably not you, but somewhere out there, it is still in existence, in the most bizarre areas of life.

People who have posted in these threads[edit]

Episode List[edit]

  • SONICNERD23: Chapter II
  • SONICNERD23: The Planet Freedom Episode
  • SONICNERD23: Episode III
  • SONICNERD23: Episode IV - Once a Week
  • SONICNERD23: Episode V - Never Say Die
  • SONICNERD23: Episode VI - Disconnection from the Mothership
  • SONICNERD23: Episode VII - The Empire
  • SONICNERD23: Episode VIII - Manhattan
  • SONICNERD23: Episode IX - This Episode Has No Title
  • SONICNERD23: Episode X - Why
  • SONICNERD23: Episode XI - The Missing Chapter (unseen)


  • This is the thread where SonicNerd23 learned about Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Sgt. Frog.
  • There have been several ripoffs of the thread, such as THEDUMEBENING, GALLERS, or something like that.
  • The thread series with the most sequels