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Regular Luigi

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Luigi and his Big Long hairy tail.

Luigi's form when he's not any other form. He claims that all the other forms are clones, but he has yet to prove this. Also reports that Mama Luigi is the only Luigi that is not a clone, but is within fact, his own Mother. This goes to, for some reason, prove that Mario and Luigi are not brothers, and that Mario's real parents are Ganon and Link. This has been proven false as the only egg Mama Luigi ever laid was Retard Luigi's egg. The Mario brothers were actually proven to be born from a PENIS when researchers were researching this topic that Regular Luigi brought up. We also found that Ganon did once become pregnant, however, he never gave birth because he went into the Virtual world which completely gets rid of any pregnancy status when entered. In the Virtual world you can also shoot your load into the girl without any chance of pregnancy.


Mario and Regular Luigi were born the same day from Dr. Rabbit's penis. This was a fateful day, as Regular Luigi later would find out his other father was a gay furry. After finding this out, he donated his body to science, where many clones were made. Like what many think, Game Luigi is not Regular Luigi. However, these other Luigi's became a huge threat to the fate of the galaxy.

Regular Luigi got off of the science table, got guns and said "I'm an equal opportunity ass kicker!" and shot the scientists to death. He hunted the Luigi's down, and is still after Mama Luigi.


  • L is Real 2410/2041 is the number of the size of an official football.
  • He is one of Luigi's forms
  • He says he hates gays, to prove that Gay Luigi's not him.
  • Is not in Super Mario 64, but appears as a character in its DS remake, where he is severely overpowered.
  • Likes his big long hairy tail.
  • Hates spaghetti, and says Yoshkins is a racist towards Italians.
  • He is greatly disliked by Militron
  • He's going to beat the shit out of you
  • He is a fan of Ghostbusters and Transformers
  • Has the power to do the strongest move in the history of poop, stronger than a Falcon Punch, called the Negative Zone, which gives you AIDS, Super AIDS and Orochi AIDS at the same time! However recieved a 1295.31 day probation on it when Dio Brando had sued him for the move before he managed to patent it. Too little for Regular Luigi's luck, the court jury consisted of complete, idiotic, fucktarded niggaz.
  • He has the ability to levitate over child-molested moats.
  • Instead of volcanicity, he fills his water with the blood of his enemies.