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A sobering reminder of the early days of the YouTube Poop community

In the early, more anarchistic and less sensitive days of the YouTube Poop Community, AIDS existed as a derogatory term for videos that relied heavily on the use of Spadinner as the predominant editing technique, WMM as the predominant editor, and Mama Luigi and CD-i as the predominant sources used.


AIDS was originally coined by none other than Conrad Slater who decided that excessive quality control need to be in place for YouTube Poop sometime around 2007, creating a massive stigma around this style of making videos that persisted until the early 2010s, when people began to come to their senses and rediscover the comedy goldmine of these stigmatized sources and editing techniques in the first place. Many videos of this type that were damned in the early years are now seen as classics, and just about everyone who championed the stigma regrets so in the present day.

An initial reactionary movement to this stigma was something called "AIDLESS AIDS"; videos that used CD-i and Mama Luigi but with a focus on excessively heavy editing, often to the point of distorting the sources beyond recognition. This was at the peak of its popularity from about 2008-2010, and was seen everywhere from solo videos to a great number of tennis matches. These videos today are not as well known or as remembered, but they very much still have their audience. Additionally, some WMM poopers such as Emperor Ing acted in direct rebellion, making precisely the kind of videos that were being damned at this time and making them quite fucking hilarious.

One sign of the tides turning away from the stigma occurred in late 2010, when MeiAIDS under the name ButterflyPip uploaded a 15-minute video called "The YTP Community is Bad", a direct satirical attack against the No-Spadinner mindset of the day. It featured characters from Welcome to Pooh Corner saying Spaghetti and Dinner followed by Cave People booing and hissing, with the rest of the video being taking up by long, minimal edits with slow pacing, acting very solidly in contrast with what was at fashion during this era. From 2011-2012, "ironic" uses of Spadinner became fashionable and began to lead to a greater re-acceptance of their original uses and videos from years previously. As time went on, enforcement of the stigma began to lessen more and more, and by 2014 the community had more or less resigned to a place of more open accessibility to Spadinner and it's legacy in the older days of the form. These videos have often been returned to and rediscovered, finding new life in the present day, and Spadinner quotes are still recognized as among the fabric lexicon of YouTube Poop as a culture itself. This part of the community's history is recognized with the featuring of Feral AIDS Children (seen in the image to the right) on YouChew Trading Card #58. It bears the following description:

"In ye days of olde, Feral AIDS Children were used as a snarky representation of the poopers who relied on poopisms like memes, censor beeps, MSPaint jobs and WMM special effects and sources like Mama Luigi and CD-i. Being such a pooper in 2007 YouChew guaranteed outcast status. In recent years however, much of the YouTube Poop community has disowned these elitest attitudes, likewise realizing the jocular reference to AIDS was, in retrospect, quite distasteful."

Indeed, before this edit, this page was itself incredibly distasteful, probably one of the most uncomfortable pages on this wiki. Thankfully it has seen the revision that it has desperately needed!