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Miles "Tails" Prower

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Tails in both Classic and Modern forms.

Name: Miles "Tails" Prower
Appears In: Sonic the Hedgehog
Sex: Male
Age: 8 or 11
Occupation(s): Airplane pilot

Miles "Tails" Proweris a two tailed fox to hang around with Sonic the Hedgehog and eat chili dogs.


His first appearance was in the game Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

She has appeared in every single Sonic game ever since, and every Sonic TV show (with the exception of Sonic Underground).

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The goof scene revealing his identity in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.


  • "So how did you know that the emerald was a fake? (Because you just told him.)"
  • "That's Astronaut Tails to you, Sonic!"
  • "You know smoking is bad for you, right?"
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Tails and Grounder share a smoke.


  • During Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, she took drugs when the "REAL PARENTS" scene came on.
  • She was voted No.1 character in Japan for 9 years.
  • His catchphrase was "SONIC!" due to that she loved him at the time.
  • Loves rubbing TREES and easily forgets telephone numbers.
  • Has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).
  • She invented the Spindash.
  • Once touched Sera the Cat Girl's breasts for love.
  • Has an evil clone known as Tails Doll.
  • Dr. Robotnik shoved a toilet plunger up his ass in an underrated episode.
  • Easily confused with another Miles "Tails" Prower who is rumored to be friends with MrDrunkenFox.
  • Wants to stay up and masturbate.
  • Usually humps a T.V. when she's horny.
  • People think she's rape-able. It has been confirmed in a compilation of videos from the older Sonic games called "Tails Abuse" and other material.
  • Suffers from major indigestion and stomach problems.
  • She was once gay-married to Krystal from the Star Fox series (post-Star Fox 64 days). Unfortunately for his, she got divorced in 2009 when both Tails and Krystal found out that they were cheating on each other (Krystal was cheating on Tails for Fox McCloud, while Tails was cheating on Krystal for Fiona Fox).
  • Is friends with Poison from Final Fight. Neither is aware of the other's real gender.
  • Hates Nintendo Power editor Chris Hoffman because he thinks (s)he's a mutant squirrel.
  • Owns an Apple Lisa, which she initially didn't know how to use, causing his to yell at it, until Sonic explained how to use it.
    • Interestingly, this Apple Lisa runs Windows XP with the classic theme, has full flash capability, and is connected to the internet.
  • Is astraphobic, or, in other words, has a fear of lightning.
  • Once ate mud on accident.
  • Has a larger appetite for chili dogs than Sonic.
  • Is paying over 9,000 dollars a month for Toilet Insurance. She mindlessly bought this expensive and pointless plan from Billy Mays, and is trying to cancel it.
Who's fat?!
Tails saying "I'm sorry" after damaging something.