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Judge Guy from Best Hedgehog

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Appears In: Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Sex: Male
Occupation(s): Judge

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The judge is a Gorilla. Or a Mole. No one is ever really sure just what he is. However, he does know a lot of different people, and his favorite thing to say is "And who are YOU supposed to be?". He also specializes in marrying people. On one occasion, he even married Sonic the Hedgehog to Robotnik. The marriage did not fair to long after.

He asks EVERYONE who they are, even the obvious people... like Mama Luigi. FroggoFan64/Nintendomax made the first poop focused SPECIFICALLY on him.

His favourite car is the '69 Pontiac GTO Judge.

Poops starring the Judge[edit]

Selected responses to "And who are you supposed to be?"[edit]

  • "Best Hedgehog of Course!" (Original line, which is followed by a long lasting and strange wink from Sonic.)
  • "Mama Luigi!"
  • "Planet Freedom!"
  • "I am Metal Robotnik."
  • "I'm an intensive Care Bear!"
  • "Elmo!"
  • "I'm a talking skull!"
  • "I'm the Juggernaut, Bitch!"
  • "Fidel Castro!"
  • "Mr. X."
  • "I'm the Valentine Bandit!"
  • "The nefarious Professor Monkey-For-a-Head!"
  • "My name is Rosebud."
  • "Galgamort the Destroyer."
  • "DON KNOTTS?!?"
  • "Da Bears!"
  • "It is we who are your Fire Dogs!" ("Eh, but Ren, I'm a cat.") "Shut up, you fool!"
  • "Darkwiiiiing Yak."
  • "Calculatus Eliminatus."
  • "Utterly ridiculous!"
  • "The answer's up to you!"
  • "El Capitan!"
  • "I'm an anteater."
  • "I am Loud Kiddington, Loud Kiddington is me!"
  • "Charity Bazaar and Pepper Mills!"
  • "Cyborg Baby"
  • "The Mobius National Park"
  • "Pacha pacho pitipo. Pacho pacha pitipa. Piripipi rabada dida. *laughter* " (Chapi Chapo)
  • "Yin Yang YUCK *BURRRP*"
  • "Bison's ass"
  • "KAKAROT!!!!!!!"
  • "Jessicuh"
  • "GENIUS!"
  • "PUDDING!"
  • "My dog Sprocket!"
  • "A first class Smoke."
  • "Happy Harry Arbuckle and his singing saw."
  • "That Guy!"
  • "I am the NATURE BOY. I speak for the BARBALOOT SUITS."
  • "I am your new big buddy! Call me Stalin."
  • "This is my new friend, Little Dragon Kite."
  • "A bottle of the kids' cough syrup."
  • "The Justice Ducks!"
  • "I am the biggest villain in town!"
  • "A girl in the closet."
  • "I am The Emperor of Eavesdropping!"
  • "This is my photo album."
  • "Well, it's called a Flaming--" "MOE! It's called a Flaming Moe!"
  • "The Mindless Mario Bros.!"
  • "Pizza guys! We deliver!"
  • "My name is Gordon."
  • "Super Bunny!"
  • "A dinosaur in a fake nose and glasses!"
  • "Delicious!"
  • "Weegee!"
  • "BURNING!"
  • "I'm Batman."
  • "Mac Baby!"
  • "SUPER! MACHO!! MAN!!!"
  • "I'm David Hasselhoff."
  • "I am the RED CYCLONE!!!!!"

Is He Dead?[edit]

The judge was sentenced to death by Mayor Kravindish after murdering his wife.