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Drake Bell

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Drake Bell/Parker is a Nickelodeon star and a character from the Nickelodeon show Drake and Josh, he has a step-brother named Josh Peck. In 2014, when acceptance of trans people began to poke its way into the mainstream consciousness for the first time, Drake and Josh resurfaced in public visibility on twitter, wherein Josh expressed his support for trans people while unfortunately Drake did not. It can be safely said that Drake is therefore the "uncool" and "unwoke" one between the two of them.


  • Loves females and dumping his girlfriends immediately after he gets them
  • Ms. Hayfer hates him
  • Hates MEGAN (Well, who the fuck doesn't?)
  • Can not pronounce the word "cone" correctly
  • There's a New Jersey, they just opened it recently
  • Owns a guitar and is boss at playing it
  • Played Timmy Turner in the 2011 Fairly OddParents live-action movie
  • Never thought it would be so simple, but he found a way
  • His last name is Parker
  • His last name is Bell
  • He is in NO WAY related to the other Drake
  • Started acting when he was 5 years old
  • Was in an episode of Home Improvement when he was a little kid
  • Voices Spider-Man in the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series on Disney XD
  • Used to star on The Amanda Show and All That with his step-brother, Josh
  • Made an appearance on an iCarly episode in which he was looking for Josh
  • Once had a bet with Josh to see who could go the longest without eating junk food or playing video games, and the loser of the bet had to dye their hair pink, neither of them won, so they both ended up dying their hair pink; but Drake wore a pink wig to make it look like he dyed his hair, clever, huh?
  • Is so addicted to junk food that he actually needs it for his health; if he doesn't eat junk food for a long period of time, he gets a rash on his face
  • Once drove a dune buggy, even though his parents told him not to; he ended up wrecking it and crashing
  • Once put his finger in Josh
  • Once got punched by a nerd named Eric by accident, which caused him to lose respect from everyone and start getting picked on, sad, isn't it?


  • "Whoa! Just take it easy, man!"
  • "Are you calling me a liar?"
  • "Haha! Number two stinks..."
  • "Greetings, worthy opponent! Are you ready to ping the pong?"
  • "You have smashed the window of transparency!"
  • "There's a New Jersey?"
  • "You want a butt full of foot?!"
  • "...Where's Josh?" (Said while on the set of iCarly)
  • "OH MY GOD!"
  • "I'm pretty sure a sibling is a baby pig."
  • "It's not like we're gonna drink or anything..."