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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.


Satantits first came across YouTube Poop as early as 2007, mainly Spadinner poops but it was the very gateway to YouTube Poop. Earliest poopers discovered included KroboProductions, Boogidyboo and an almost unknown Spadinner pooper tistheshiz22. After a while he became bored of YouTube Poop due to it's repetition but not realizing that only one style was seen.

It wasn't until around 2009-2010 when Satantits came across the likes of cs188, Stuart K. Reilly, imaperson and DualScreen77. It sparked a new interest in YTP although it wasn't until early 2012 that Satantits would attempt a proper YouTube Poop in Sony Vegas 8.

In mid-2013 he announced that he was retiring from pooping and remained inactive for 2 years. The first return in 2015 brought on a few more videos but inactivity became apparent for another 3 years. As of March 2018 he is currently active and has released his first poop since his previous activity.

Satantits has done a few rounds of YTP tennis with FishTitan64 and the now defunct ZacheryTomcat

First Poop Seen[edit]


Link is Racist and Mario Finally Does His Job by tistheshiz22

First Poop Made[edit]


Abominable Erection



  • Fast paced
  • Classic YTP style with elements of newer styles
  • Occasional YTPMV

Preferred Sources[edit]

The earlier days showcased a preference for Blues Clues and Thomas the Tank Engine but sources became more diverse from 2015 onwards.

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Erosion (early)
  • Stutter loop
  • Sentence mixing
  • Masking
  • Reversing
  • Chroma keying

Preferred Tech[edit]

  • Sony Vegas Pro 8.0c

In mid-2013 he experimented with Vegas 6.0


Satantits retains a certain obscurity but has been met with some praise among poopers that have seen his material. His early material has received criticism for being poorly edited and rushed.



  • Metal
  • Hip-Hop
  • Punk
  • Music composition
  • Computer hardware
  • Nicotine
  • Early Cartoon Network


  • Narrow minded assholes
  • Socializing
  • His insomnia
  • Existentialism