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Duck Donald

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The Duck Donald is the center of fear and evil. He is in no way related to Donald Duck.

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The only public sighting of the Duck Donald


Duck Donald was created by Hitler with the purpose of killing Jews. Hitler asked Satan to create something purely evil for him, and Satan did so. But Hitler was unable to control the vastly evil Duck Donald. Therefore it broke free and started terrorizing people all over the world. He has only been seen in public once, and was filmed and placed on YouTube (See film). Most of the time, if you see him, you die before you can tell anybody.

{{#ev:youtube|x70IJoeOFfQ|320}}The only public sighting of the Duck Donald. Only 12 people died during his appearance.



The Duck Donald is so incredibly powerful that it can defeat God Luigi just by looking at it. It is unknown if it can defeat God Rabbit but it could be possible. The only way to ward him off it to play a song by The Beatles at super slow speed. The T.V. belonging to Arthur blew up after D.W. saw him on T.V. He is as evil and as powerful as LULZ Sora, maybe, his most fitting rival up to date. Unlike Mouse Mickey or Bunny Bugs, he has been rumored to be a form of Satan.

[He is not the last horribly off-model version of Donald Duck to attain Internet stardom.]

Signs That Duck Donald Is Coming![edit]

  • You start to hear heavily distorted Elvis Presley songs played at high speed.
  • The ground starts to shake.
  • A stench of rotten papaya fills the air.
  • Falco Lombardi gets around.
  • The lights flicker on and off.
  • The phone rings, and no one is there.
  • The walls ooze green slime... oh wait, they always do that.
  • You get "Never Gonna Give You Up" stuck in your head for more than 12 hours.
  • You hear a Bandinero that tries to quack.
  • WMG removes all the audio on any Youtube Poop video (Thankfully, he'd be on your side when that happens.).