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Deviantart's symbol of irradication.

DeviantArt is a long-standing art website. While started with innocent intentions, it's notorious in the minds of many as a hub for fetish artists, weeaboos, furries, and bronies. DeviantArt was much maligned by YouChew in its first few years, and made for some of the uglier threads in its history.


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DeviantArt's mascot, Fella.

DeviantArt was founded in 2000. The site exploded in popularity in the years that followed. While it quickly grew a bad rap for hosting many shoddy drawings, there's also many diamonds in the rough if you're willing to wade through the worse stuff.

DeviantArt and YouChew[edit]

"Worst of DeviantArt" threads were a mainstay of YouChew's first few years, with most of the pictures featured from the first three categories listed in the opening paragraph (this was in the pre-brony days). They were infamously hostile, with the forumgoers leaving acerbic comments on the pictures posted. Particularly controversial was the fact that members sometimes trolled the artists featured in the thread. A particularly infamous example was TomTheFox, a Redwall fan artist who had a laughably bad drawing of his sona that YouChew users edited into many other pictures. YouChew then created DeviantArt accounts with all the edits, and made sure Tom himself was aware, giving a sound reminder as to how ugly a stain the Worst of DeviantArt threads were.

The last Worst of DeviantArt thread was understandably closed in 2010. YouChew also had a more positive thread for the higher-quality pictures found on DeviantArt, along with a "so bad it's good" thread which was like a less hostile version of Worst of DeviantArt - basically laughing at some amusingly weird art (such as that of GreenSwampWarrior) but never being hostile about it.

DeviantArt is YouChew Trading Card #059, and the card features GreenSwampWarrior alongside a few other prominent, weird drawings from the old threads (Misty from Pokemon as a water bottle, Rotor from SatAM, and Speed Racer).

Similar Services[edit]

What to expect[edit]

  • Stamps
  • Art
  • Mature Content (but not porn)
  • Fetish Art
  • Literature
  • Recolors of Sonic OCs

Poopers Who have a DeviantArt account[edit]


  • DeviantArt has also been reported by some to have malware-infested advertising on its pages, sometimes redirecting people to/opening other sites such as pages imitating virus scanners.