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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In brief[edit]

JoeeJoeePoops (Normally just simply referred to as JoeeJoee) is a YouTube Pooper from the often forgotten country of New Zealand. He is known to have created one of the most best titles for a video (THIS VIDEO WILL BE FLAGGED BY JEWS) and for being one of the few people to poop Zelda's Adventure.



JoeeJoee first accidentally discovered YouTube Poop on when he was looking for video game characters singing songs (Mario singing "Never Gonna Give You Up", or Pokémon characters singing the waffles song etc.) when he stumbled across Fat Mario and Gay Luigi singing "Everybody Hates Ned Flanders". Curiously he set out to find more about Hotel Mario. Soon when a friend favorited a YouTube Poop he watched it and got the idea.

Eventually JoeeJoee got tired of watching YouTube Poop and decided to make his own. On October 8th 2008 JoeeJoee debuted with Link Bombs the Mushroom Kingdom which wasn't very popular. JoeeJoee only started to get more popular with the release of his third poop Sonic Sez Smoke Weed! which also got him known as "weed guy".

A Christmas YouTube Poop by JoeeJoee was released on the 23rd of December.

On February 5th JoeeJoee uploaded and confirmed the first of a poop trilogy titled Ratatoing's Epic Fail. The second installment Ratatoing's Second Epic Fail was released on Friday the 13th.

Four months later looking back he realized that Ratatoing's epic fail was an epic fail and set out to make a poop more similar to his roots. This led to the creation of "FOAR ALEXIS FRUM BOXXY aka Alexis's Sh*t and Her Face" which gains mild success as it followed a similar idea to his early poops.

JoeeJoee practically gave up and made a Phail poop on July the 3rd. This poop wasn't actually that bad.

On July the 8th JoeeJoee made yet another poop but this one was way better and more epic The Half Epic Quest of Link Episode IV was made as a tribute to WalrusGuy because it only contained CD-i clips and it used sentence mixing. This new poop gained very positive feedback and has been dubbed his most epic poop despite claiming to be half epic. JoeeJoee has plans for a sequel based around Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

JoeeJoee's most popular video to date is "Sonic Sez Smoke Weed" which is followed by THIS VIDEO WILL BE FLAGGED BY JEWS.

First poop seen[edit]

This is a...

First poop made[edit]

Link Bombs the Mushroom Kingdom


Sentence mixing/Random gags

Preferred sources[edit]


  • Making fun of characters
  • Making innocent things disturbing
  • Changing a message to mean the opposite
  • Making Ripoff movies suffer in the form of YouTube Poop
  • Rosebud Frozen Peas




Due to his video THIS VIDEO WILL BE FLAGGED BY JEWS he has been called a Nazi or someone against Jews. JoeeJoee however in the video description claims he is not one but some people are never bothered to read the description.

An individual on YouTube known as sternhead once questioned whether he was an internet predator or not.

He has also been criticized for editing Sonic Sez so much that it becomes too offensive for YouTube Poop as he is making it seem as if Sonic is promoting illegal recreational drugs. (see video to right). JoeeJoee seems to however have the support of stoners who watch YouTube Poop.


  • Making a creative title if you consider that an achievement
  • One of the first few to poop the actual Ratatoing movie
  • One of the few people to poop Zelda's Adventure
  • Managed to reverse a video on WMM using frames and framerate


  • fulcaris
  • blueboa7

In Real Life[edit]

JoeeJoee in real life(Joe)is a student with good grades who to everyone's surprise is a YouTube Pooper. He also plays the guitar and is a Pokémon fan and is devoted to music.


JoeeJoee regularly talks to his best friends blueboa7 and fulcaris (both whom he knows in real life) about YouTube Poop ideas the latter being more helpful despite not making YouTube Poop at all.



  • BaByBuBbLe22

Poop Listing[edit]


Adventure's of Sonic the Hedgehog[edit]


A YouTube Poop Christmas


Ratatoing's Epic Fail Trilogy[edit]



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