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Prince Of The Ogres!

Name: GreenSwampWarrior
Sex: Male

GreenSwampWarrior is a Shrek fan character created by the DeviantArtist of the same name. Despite looking almost completely identical to Shrek, he has the distinguishing difference of a slightly darker shade of green skin. He also is considerably more suave in his comics than the comic's depiction of Shrek.

The comics predate, and are considerably funnier than, the wave of ironic Shrek humor of the mid 2010s.

The Comics[edit]

The GreenSwampWarrior comics were started in 2009. The character art is made by tracing over the original Shrek artwork (albeit the Cinderella version of the Fairy Godmother is used instead), with occasional tinkerings made to the artwork if more dynamic poses are required. The plot originally starts with Donkey having a macho, humanoid build and GreenSwampWarrior and Donkey figuring out how to get him back to normal. It would later on mostly follow a storyline rather similar to the original Shrek, with some scenes lifted directly from the film. For instance, comic #20 is heavily based off the scene where Shrek and Donkey look at the night sky:

With the way this strip is worded, you'd think GreenSwampWarrior is suggesting the Moon is a type of star.

The GreenSwampWarrior comic was last updated in very early 2014. The artist's current whereabouts are unknown.

GreenSwampWarrior vs. Shrek[edit]

GreenSwampWarrior is a recolor of Shrek, with darker green skin and different colors for their outfits. While in the mainline Shrek series, Shrek is seen as the unconventional hero who pulls through adversity and marries Fiona, it is instead GreenSwampWarrior who fills this mantle in the comics.

Shrek himself is still a character in the GreenSwampWarrior comics, but is now pathetic and outshone by the new protagonist, and, despite being part of the journey, has no real friends in the cast. He is the butt of a number of jokes in the comics - for instance, when Shrek is wary about going into a dangerous factory, Donkey reminds Shrek of his saying about onions having layers. GreenSwampWarrior retorts with "Who says onions are brave?", frustrating Shrek. Shrek's relation with the rest of the cast is so rocky that when the group is told to distract a dragon, Shrek throws Donkey into a chasm, presumably killing him (he later turns out to still be alive - and in another story hook reused from the original, falls in love with the dragon he's thrown to).

On YouChew[edit]

When YouChew still had a Worst of DeviantArt thread, the forum denizens discovered the GreenSwampWarrior comics. He got a standalone thread, which, uniquely for a WoDA spinoff thread, focused entirely over the amusement value in the comics and no one had any desire to troll the artist himself. He remains one of the most fondly remembered DeviantArt personalities by the former YouChew community, considering both the hilarity of the comics and the lack of malicious treatment involved.

Although he does not have a standalone card in the YouChew Trading Cards series, he is a focal point of the DeviantArt card.

GreenSwampWarrior is an emoji in the Neon Castle Discord.

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