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Wall-Eyed Luigi

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Name: Wall Eyed Luigi
Appears In: Super Mario World
Sex: Male
Age: 27ut
Occupation(s): Specialist in monocular vision
Played By: Tony Rosato

Wall-Eyed Luigi is a variation of Luigi, and the evolved form of Egg Luigi. He possesses the unique ability to view Dinosaur World from the perspective of any non-human character, and therefore feel and think the same way as them. This, in turn, allows him to astral project into the spiritual body of any koopa, monty mole, dinosaur, or Yoshi that he sees, which includes feeling their same primal impulses, their hungers, their needs, their wants, their dreams and desires, enabling him to also bond to the life around him as a fellow creature of Mushroom Earth, being at one with his local ecosystem. He unfortunately is only able to tap into this part of is inner psychologically for a single animation frame, usually by accident. These features differentiate him as an individual personality from the rest.


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In an infamous episode of Super Mario World, Luigi was turned into an egg due to the effects of genetic experimentation caused by Wizardheimer. The egg was swirled about in his Koopa Incubator, oddly enhancing the embryo inside. As a result, Wall-Eyed Luigi was born with his distinguishing features. Much like Kilgrave in 'Jessica Jones', he harbors a deep resentment to modern society and aims to use his supernatural abilities to his own vengeance.

In Poop

Wall-Eyed Luigi was one of the commonly-used Luigi personalities in YouTube Poop in earlier years, although his popularity faded in time.


  • He asks if he's caught the ball when Mario wants you join them, beat them, and join them again if you can't beat them. Yeah.

Wall-Eyed Mama Luigi

Wall-Eyed Mama Luigi is a form of Luigi. It was created when Wall-Eyed Luigi and Mama Luigi were locked in Coney Island Disco Palace for two hours. It will appear when a worm and a bagel meet, or when lotsa spaghetti is dumped into Boston Harbour. There are only a few images of him, as he has lived in hiding for years.