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Toy Story

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Name: Toy Story
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Movie
Created By: Pixar
Year Created: 1995, 1999, 2010, 2019

First Poop: Boogidyboo


I can't believe a teenage boy doesn't want to play with his Woody any more.
~ Garth Algar on Toy Story 3

An animated film released by Pixar, Toy Story was not only one of the first fully-computer-generated movies, but one of the most critically-acclaimed as well, earning a rare 100% on the review site "Rotten Tomatoes". The film revolves around Sheriff Woody, a toy cowboy who fears of being upstaged by Buzz Lightyear, a new space ranger toy. The two accidentally end up in the house next door and must set aside their differences to escape.

Three sequels exist, although they are not used in poop; Toy Story 2, released in 1999 has the toys embark on an epic quest to rescue Woody from a greedy toy collector as he discovers his people, Toy Story 3, which has the toys escaping from a daycare run by a psychotic teddy bear. Pretty much everyone agrees that the entire trilogy is awesome and Toy Story 4.

Media Information[edit]

  • Animated movie
  • Created by Pixar
  • Released in 1995


With emphasis given to those seen in Youtube Poops

  • Sheriff Woody - The sheriff, and Andy's favourite toy. He is voiced by Tom Hanks
  • Buzz Lightyear - Received by Andy as a birthday present. Though initially enemies, he and Woody are best friends. And he speaks Spanish! Jessie immensly likes that part.
  • Andy - The kid who owns most of the toys. Wen he becomes a teen he locks them in a chest and forgets about them.
  • Sid - A mean kid who tortures toys and grows up to be a garbage man.
  • Rex - A cowardly dinosaur who once beat Zurg.
  • Slinky Dog - Woody's most trusted friend.
  • Bo Peep - Woody's shallow love interest, she's not in the third movie.
  • Hamm - A cynical piggy bank.
  • Mr. Potato Head - The sarcastic married spud.
  • Mrs. Potato Head - Mr. Potato Head's wife.
  • Jessie - A cowgirl who gets around.
  • Bullseye - Woody and Jessie's silent horse.
  • Stinky Pete - The (evil) prospector.
  • Lotso Hugging Bear - Lotso is a cute, huggable, pink bear who smells like strawberries.
  • Big Baby - Misses his momma.
  • Bonnie - The little girl who Woody stays with for part of Toy Story 3.
  • Mr. Pricklepants - Broken toy voiced by Timothy Dalton! Was once friends with Lotso.
  • Barbie - Genius disguised as a dumb blond.
  • Ken - Barbie's boyfriend. He is not a girl's toy, yet loves dressing up...yeah.
  • Wheezy - The squeaky penguin toy with a beautiful singing voice.
  • RC - A radio-controlled car.
  • Forky - A "toy" fork made by Bonnie who believes that he is not a toy.
  • Zurg - Evil ruler of Buzz Lightyear's universe. Also, Buzz Lightyear's actual father.
  • The shark who says "Hi! I'm Woody! Howdy howdy howdy." The best character in the entire trilogy.


Famously used in Toys Gone Wild, one of the most-viewed poops of all time.

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  • Everybody with a heart.
  • guitarocker100
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  • Eminem (Specifically, the third movie because the toys are back in town.)

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  • Idiots
  • People with no soul.
  • Chad Warden
  • Toy Haters
  • Armond White (But he's a troll and hypocrite, so just ignore him.)
  • Chris-Chan's brother, Cole Smithey. SERIOUSLY. I AM NOT KIDDING.
  • Other fools

Further information[edit]

The success of the movie has inspired three sequels, Toy Story 2 in 1999, Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4, which is now on DVD and Blu-Ray. There was also a spin-off movie and cartoon called Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

In addition, Boogidyboo has said that he doesn't consider the video itself the pinnacle of his achievement as a pooper, but the fact that it got a million views is.

Main Source for Poopers[edit]

  • Unfortunately, you'd probably have to scour the shadier areas of the Internet, or rip the DVD in order to get it. Luckily, the DVD should be extremely easy to find in stores, so just download Magic DVD Ripper and get to work.