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The Picture Spam Thread

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ONCE UPON A TIME, a dog flipped a pancake. Someone took a picture of it and posted it all over a forum thread. Everyone else started doing it with their own pics (including Odie, LULZ Sora, Flipping Shadow, AFK Hit by a Car, Dude in a Rabbit Suit, Whore Yoshi, and Chibi Knuckles about to rape Shadow the Hedgehog). It was all fun and games for a while, until Thomas the Tank Engine showed up. Meanwhile, Shadow and Scratch are in therapy. Scratch has an uncontrollable obsession with Robotnik's PENIS, and Shadow has mental (and butt) scars from what Knuckles did to him the night before cuz in the messed up dimension that is Ruthie312's mind, Knuckles is a flaming homosexual set on raping Shadow. Don't ask. Cookie Monster desu-spams Bert and Naruto gets it doggy-style. Tails goes emo and yells at Nack, who doesn't care. Shadow acts like an asshole towards Rouge, and then continues to kick Mighty in the invisible nuts. Other stuff happens as Amy Rose stands there wondering why she's the only normal thing in the picture. THE END.*slams book shut*