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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In Brief[edit]

He's out to destroy Youtube


He found poop during Summer Break of 09 when he got to actually use Youtube. He was mainly a fan, but he finally decided to make them in '11 because why not? Under his old account, TheShyster66, he downloaded FX for Windows Movie Maker, because he was using his stepdad's computer at the time.

The poops themselves were described by Sponge as "mediocre" and probably only gaining views due to the label "Youtube Poop".

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Supposedly, how Sponge acted during "TheShyster66" days, resulting in "not-so-good poops".

Even though he eventually did get a new (piece of crap) computer, he grew out of Youtube Poop at that time and decided to retire to a new internet community, but he eventually grew to hate said community. Don't bring it up.

He eventually joined the pony Facebook Community, and one day while he was bored, he decided to do a poop on Beavis and Butthead. After having fun with that, he decided to come back to the poop scene under his new account: "SpongeTheKid"

Other Than Poops[edit]

Sponge is also a big fan of poops and he wants to share his opinions with all of you. So he started a monthly list of ten underrated poops of the month posted on Youchew. Some problems happened in April 2014, so he never created a list for that month, but to cope with that problem, he created a "Youtube Poop of the Day" tumblr, where he posts a poop he likes everyday. Check that out here

First poop seen[edit]

Chowder YTP: I So Wanna Kiss You [1]

First poop made[edit]

Youtube Poop: Pie the PRESIDENT! -


His style is certainly all over the place. Sometimes he wants to be all 2010. Sometimes he makes "spooky scary" poops. Till he decided, now he's just going to make classic styles or somewhat classic styles

Preferred Sources[edit]

He has no preferred sources. Just what he's obsessed with right now or something he feels he needs to poop. But he has pooped Garfield And Friends TWICE.

Preferred Methods[edit]

  • Rape
  • Slow Downs/Speed Ups
  • Repeats

Preferred Software[edit]

Vegas 7.

"Thanks, Stu." - Sponge



  • Meowstic Hentai
  • Sauce
  • Mainstream Poops. (He says the poopers themselves are probably nice people)


"dafuq did I just watch?" - Frank Fiorenza

Other than that, he's typically liked, as he has 47 subs.


One of his poops was described as "shit I wouldn't feed to the birds" (OR something like that). Turns out, He did not like that poop the comment was left on. It was a Christmas present to theadventuretimefan. AdventureTimeFan liked it and subbed.


He made the first Dick Figures poop?





  • Insert 47 subs here

Poop Listing[edit]

Poops he thinks are good enough to be watched

  • Angle Butter Cake[2]
  • Johnny Waffle and Bagel Boy discover The Hotdog Holder[4]
  • Daring Do 2: Return Of The Yabblah[5]
  • PETE BEAT[6]


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