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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In brief

MilesTaiIsPrower is a pooper who uses Sony Vegas.


Started with his account Whatonearth1, moved to MilesTaiIsPrower to make amvs, got sick of amvs, moved on to making poop.

First poop seen


First poop made

Some crap with Mama Luigi.


All styles but flash, changes style each poop

Preferred Sources

  • Not cartoons
  • Stuff I (yes I made this page) like
  • Stuff that's not used

Preferred Methods

Preferred Tech

Vegas 7, Photoshop, ms paint


SoraTailsPoop, Hotel Mario, Use of video game music, seeing credits and intros to poops


Plenty of haters from trap videos and for making a popular youtuber quit (sonicdude3) also some people who like his stuff.


Overuse of classic rock, overuse of David Niven, not being Tails, poops too short


Achievements? I wouldn't call making the sonicdude3 rant fad an achievement. Neither would I call getting on Pimps top ten. Uhhh...I (first personnnn) brought the joys of David Niven to the pooping world?


Krobo. Apparently I'm KroboProductions.

In Real Life

I play tennis a lot...that's pretty much all I'm gonna say.


My favourite pooper is Wertman125. I have tennised/am tennising the following people:


Krobo, David315842, Wertman125, others I can't remember.


Other Information

David Niven.


Who cares?