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Luigi Mario

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Name: Luigi Mario
Appears In: The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Sex: Male
Age: 45
Nationality: Italian
Occupation(s): Plumber/Dinosaur Exterminator
Played By: John Leguizamo

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Luigi Mario is the fake version of Real Luigi, just like how Mario Mario is the fake version of Real Mario. Mario Mario wants to have incestral sex with him, despite the fact that he's not only his father and his brother, but he also has a girlfriend in Princess Daisy.


  • "I want to apologize right now, incase um, when I start get to get talking, and I start to say things that sound really weird."
  • "Mario here brought me up!"
  • "He's been my, my mother, my whole life."
  • "That tunnel just sneezed us out, and then this giant booger caught us in the air!"


  • Much to Mario Mario's dismay, he has a partial girlfriend in Princess Daisy.
  • He believes that Mario Mario's practically like the only family that he's ever had.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Luigi Mario was the one to reveal that Mario Mario and Luigi Mario had Mario for their last names.