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He started making YouTube Poops back in 2013 as he used Windows Live Movie Maker at first. A lot of these poops have been deleted on YouTube. Then he decided to start a month trial of Sony Vegas to make collab entries. Afer that he switched from VideoPad, bought the software and used it to make his YouTube Poops from September 2013-December 2016. He swtched back to Sony Vegas because he found out he can get the full version for free and he didn't do it sooner because he keeps forgetting.

First poop seen[edit]

youtube poop:BURPLE NURPLES!!!

First poop made[edit]

Video has been removed.


Preferred Sources[edit]

  • Nostalgic kids shows (e.g. Bear In the Big Blue House, Dexter's Laboratory, LazyTown, Rocko's Moder Life, etc.)
  • YouTubers he likes (e.g. SkyDoesMInecraft, SMG4, iDubbzz, etc.)
  • UK VHS Openings
  • UK TV adverts
  • Music videos


  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Music
  • Video games
  • VHS/DVD Openings
  • TV adverts
  • Internet/Memes


  • Repetition in YouTube Poops
  • Spam comments
  • (Internet) Trolls
  • Frozen fanbase (FYI, he doesn't hate the movie)


Although he's not one of the most well-known YouTube poopers, he usually gets nice comments.


He never really receives hate comments.


Friends(In no order, obviously)[edit]

Other Information[edit]


Almost all of his YouTube Poops are collab entries.