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This is the section for all the different templates that are useful for different articles, depending on what the article is about. If you have any suggestions for templates that can be used in the future, feel free to offer a suggestion in the Talk Page.

If you wish to use the templates in articles, just copy the syntax codes from this page, and paste them into the article. It is recommended that the tags go at the top of the article.

There may be additional features in some tags that can be used. Please see the tag's template page for more information.

Article Tags

Pooper Tags

Tag Syntax Code Purpose
Template:Pooper {{Pooper}} For any article about a Youtube Pooper
Template:Boomer {{boomer}} Those who started pooping between September 2006 and April 2007

Not for use by anyone else unless there is evidence to support they were indeed a Boomer

Template:Flash Pooper {{flasher}} For those who make Flash Poops

Click here for a description of what qualifies a user as a Flash Pooper

Template:Analogue Pooper {{vhs}} A special breed of poopers that work amongst themselves in a manner that is different from the poop norm.

Click here for a description of what qualifies a user as an Analogue Pooper

Template:Tennis Player {{tennisplayer}} For Poop Tennis players.
Template:Suspended Accounts {{KO|nameofsuspendedaccount}} For those who have had their Youtube account suspended
{{KO2}} Alternate suspension tag, for when the name of the account is unknown.
Template:Closed Accounts {{closed|nameofclosedaccount}} For those who have closed their accounts
Template:Retired Poopers {{old}} Those that are done with making these videos and have moved on.
Template:Un-retired Poopers {{notretired}} Those that announced retirement, but later returned back to pooping.
Template:Dormant {{dormant}} For those who haven't been active in a long time, but have not announced a desire to quit or a hiatus.
Template:Poopers on Hiatus {{hiatus}} For those who are taking a break from pooping
Template:YTPMV Makers {{YTPMV}} Poopers who frequently create YTPMVs should have this on their page.


Template:Forums {{forums}} For anything related to the YouChew forums, events, threads, etc...
Template:Comicker {{comicker}} For those who drew the YouChewPoop comic when it was active.
Template:Moderator {{moderator}} People who are moderators of the forums belong here.
{{moderator|admin}} People who are administrators of the forums belong here.
Template:News Staff {{newsstaff}} These guys are members of YouChew's news staff.
Template:Major news contributor {{majornewscontribute}} For people who have added a significant amount of news.
Template:Tennis Café {{cafetennisstaff}} Members of Tennis Café.
Template:Banned Forum Users {{banned|whatfor=(insert reason here)}} For users banned from the forums.
Template:Janitor {{janitor}} For members who are janitors.


Template:Media {{media}} For sources and material.
Template:Blacklisted Sources {{blacklist}} For sources and material that could get a poop that uses it removed from Youtube.
Template:Character {{character}} Characters used in Youtube Poops, whether they are recurring or obscure.
{{character|pooper=yes}} Use this if a pooper has been used as a YTP source.
Template:Notable Poops {{poop}} For any poop that may or may not have changed the history of Youtube Poop, whether they got tons of views, they created a trend, or other reasons.
Template:Poopisms {{ism}} For widely recognized methods of video editing.
Template:Object {{object}} For various things that appear in poops.

Article Maintenance

Template:Delete {{delete}} For an article that is pointless, low-quality, or quite simply doesn't want to be seen again. Could also be seen as a notice to improve the article, but that is made obsolete by the "dirty" template.
Template:Speedy Delete {{speedydelete}} A page up for deletion due to technical reasons, or spam, etc. Basically, use this when deletion is unanimous. If debate is involved, use the standard "delete" tag.
Template:Stub {{stub}} You should not submit a page that's very short. But when a page you make turns out to be shorter than you'd expected upon pressing "preview", add this tag. Maybe somebody will come and help your cause.
Template:Dirty {{dirty}} For use on pages that need to tone down or remove some information, are full of unpleasant humour, or sometimes pages that need a complete overhaul.
Template:Wanted images {{wantedimages}} This template is intended for character articles where a character is missing visual representation that should be added. For source or pooper pages, it shouldn't be used as much.
Template:Major Cleanup {{majorcleanup}}, {{new}}, or {{WIP}} This template is for an article that the author feels was submitted incomplete and needs more information, rather than simply being short. It indicates a higher urgency than "stub".
Template:Bias {{bias}} When an article is edged to a specific viewpoint to the point of bashing another one, that's when this template comes as a warning.
Template:Accuracy {{accuracy}} Not all articles on Chewiki are accurate. Some source pages are written by people who have never watched the show. Somebody who's a bit more of a professional on the subject should check things out.
Template:Merge {{merge}} Some articles are unneeded and should be deleted. Others could work as part of or a section of a different page. If you feel that the content of an article can be added to another without any bad consequences, add this template and leave a notice on the article's talk page.
Template:Split {{split}} This is the opposite; a page that is too long and can easily be split into new pages. Again, some discussion is needed before the split actually takes place.
Template:Request Change {{requestchange}} For an image that is low quality. Place this tag on a file and then add "reason=(insert reason here)" to explain why it's a bad picture.
Template:Spam {{spam}} For articles that advertise products or external sites. They are put in the speedy delete category.


Info Boxes

  • The Pooper Box allows you to easily list a few things about a pooper, such as their username, an image of them, their first poop made, preferred sources, methods and tech (what programs they use), their real name, gender, and nationality.

Take a look at what you can make the Pooperbox say below. Of course, some of the parameters are optional.

|name=Your username.
|image=Supply an image.
|caption=Supply a caption for the image, or just include a message on top of the template.
|realname=Your real name.
|sex=Your gender. Flaunt this information to the members of the other sex.
|noaddsex=Put this as "yes" to keep it from automatically categorizing your gender.
|nationality=Are you Scottish? United King-domian? Amercian?!
|noaddnation=Put this as "yes" to keep it from automatically categorizing your nation.
|1stmade=First poop you've made.
|year=put the last 2 digits of the year you made your first poop.
|noaddyear=Put this as "yes" to keep it from automatically categorizing the year you began pooping.
|sources=What sources you tend to use. 
|methods=What poopisms you use. 
|tech=The video/audio-editing software you use.
|youtubeaccount=Your YouTube account. Have people find your poops. Just put the username here and it will automatically create a link to it.
|altyoutubeaccount=Another YouTube account of yours you'd like to show. 
|altyoutubeaccount2=Another alt. 
  • To embed the Pooperbox template easily, just place {{subst:Addbox|anyparametersyouwant}} on a page.
  • The Character Box works about the same as the Pooper Box, but for various characters used in poops. List their name, gender, age, actor/actress, where they appear, nationality, job, and place an image of them.
  • The Mediabox works similarly to the other two templates, but for sources.
|name=The name of the source.
|image=Add an appropriate image of the source.
|country=Country where the source was made.
|noaddcountry=Put this as "yes" to keep it from automatically categorizing the source by country.
|type=What type of media is it? TV show, Movie?
|noaddtype=Put this as "yes" to keep it from automatically categorizing by the type of source.
|creator=Who made it? A company? A specific individual?
|noaddcreator=Put this as "yes" to keep it from automatically categorizing by who made the source.
|year=What year was the source made?
|noaddyear=Put this as "yes" to keep it from automatically categorizing the year when the source was produced.
|seasons=If the source is a series, how many seasons does it have?
|episodes=If the source is a series, how many episodes did it have?
|end=If the source is a series and it was canceled/discontinued, when did it end?
|1stmade=What was the first poop made with this source?


  • A useful feature to better organize quotes for characters is the Poop Quote Template, which can be useful for scenes or dialogue as well as for character pages.
{{poopquote|Character name|Quote}}

For the template to fully work, you must Upload a 40x40 JPG titled QCharacter Name.jpg, preferably with a 1-px black border surrounding it.

Here is an example:


Gives you...

Mario Mario


Link to a Wikipedia Article

  • You can add a box to and article that contains a link to a corresponding Wikipedia article like this:
Error creating thumbnail: File missing
Wikipedia also has an article about Templates.

Although the template uses the page name by default, in some cases the template could return a broken link or come out with the title all screwed up. Especially with pages that have spaces in their names. In such cases please supply the following parameters to the template.

{{wikipedia|target_article|Any alt text you want}}

If you have a page name with spaces, replace the spaces with an underscore ( _ ). Or, you may get redirected to some unintended article.

Embedding small Youtube videos


You can place a small embedded youtube video on any page. Just use double inclusion brackets {{ vid followed by a divider | and then the youtube video URL, before closing it again }}


This code gives you this video:

{{#ev:youtube|nS956FdMPfc|320}}Every Hotel Mario cutscene

However, if you want to add a caption to the bottom of the video, it doesn't require much extra; just use double inclusion brackets {{ VidCaption followed by a divider | and then the youtube video URL, another |, add text for the caption before closing it again }}

{{VidCaption|nS956FdMPfc|Every Hotel Mario cutscene}}

Captions, though they are now included in the video, can also be used for quick reference to, say, the author, and with other editing techniques you can add links to them.