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From Chewiki Archive - YouChew: 1% Funny, 99% Hot Gas
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The account(s) KO has/have been suspended from YouTube for crimes against copyright. YouTube Poop salutes you!

This is V3.5 of the "KO" badge. It's inline so it doesn't mess with floating elements on an article, or cause piling of elements...

This new version includes the ability to add the name of the suspended account if you put it down as {{KO|nameofsuspendedaccounthere}}

If the suspended account has been unsuspended put: {{KO|nameofsuspendedaccounthere|unsuspended=yes}}

If the unsuspended account was later suspended again put: {{KO|nameofsuspendedaccounthere|unsuspended=yes|resuspended=yes}}

If the again suspended account was later unsuspended again put: {{KO|nameofsuspendedaccounthere|unsuspended=yes|resuspended=yes|unsuspendedagain=yes}}

If the (again) unsuspended account was later suspended YET AGAIN put: {{KO|nameofsuspendedaccounthere|unsuspended=yes|resuspended=yes|unsuspendedagain=yes|yetagainsuspended=yes}}

If the pooper retired as a result of the suspension put: {{KO|nameofsuspendedaccounthere|retired=yes}}