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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!

BillyMorshu's 1st avatar based on "Is Ben Familiar With Hentai?"

BillyMorshu's 2nd avatar, which is an MS Paint edited picture of someone he doesn't like

In brief

Started to make YouTube poops on another account, but since his subscribers didn't like YouTube poops, they began complaining.

He eventually left his first account and created BillyMorshu just to make YouTube poops without having his subscribers complain about him making YouTube poops.

Prefers to use anime as a source, and his recent videos are known to contain a lot of music.


Before being known as "BillyMorshu"

Joined YouTube in 2007. However it was on a different account. He was able to gain a few subscribers before he eventually stopped making videos on that profile. He did make a YouTube poop on that profile, but it wasn't received well by his subscribers because they did not like YouTube poops.

He then eventually stopped using the account to upload videos not only because his subscribers were complaining, but it was also because his videos were getting blocked for using music he's apparently not allowed to use.

The account "BillyMorshu" was created on January 11, 2009.

How he discovered YouTube poop

He discovered YouTube poops by accident when looking for random videos to laugh at because he was that bored and had nothing better to do (this was when he was still on his first YouTube profile). The first YouTube poop he watched was What Is Spaghetti? by JeffLindblom. He eventually found videos by Deepercutt, WalrusGuy and KroboProductions.

Having enjoyed videos from these people, he had started to find more and more videos from different users. He then met ChrisGendo in one of his school classes, which eventually led him to discovering MeiAIDS, captpan6 and Chrisgendo's own videos. He eventually was inspired to make his own YouTube poop after ChrisGendo suggested it. Once he had made his first YouTube poop, he was in love with making You Tube poops, but his fans weren't so happy about it.

Alt Account

Someone rated several of BillyMorshu's videos 1 star and flagged his videos, and some videos were blocked/removed.

Since the person who flagged the videos is unknown, BillyMorshu created an alt account called "BillyOffer" to re-upload deleted videos (after making a few changes so YouTube wouldn't instantly block it).

Videos that are taken down from his main account can most likely be found here.

A link is available at the bottom of this article.

First poop seen

What Is Spaghetti?

YouTube Poops

Ben Hosts the Sexiest Orgy of Hentai Millionaires!

Bob Barker Devoured the Souls of the Damned and Fought Evil

Vince Tries to Defeat Billy Mays but Fails Every Time

Day JIZZ-L Knows What It Is

Super Sexy Death Note Orgy


Billy Mays Purchases Some Hentai

Funimation Defeats The Black Order


Haruhi Whores Herself Out Again

Stick To Your Origins!

Let's Go To Ellensburg!

Muslims Attack Gallia

Mithril's New Training Program

BillyMorshu's Nihon Music Special

Old Projects Revive and Start a Revolution

Hentai That's Suitable For All Ages

Gaston Acquires Seven Tons Of Nicotine

L and Kira Join Forces and Run a Meth Lab Together

BillyMorshu's 2nd Nihon Music Special

BillyMorshu's 3rd Nihon Music Special (Anime OP Edition)

Ooishi Becomes the Next God of Hinamizawa and Causes the Town to Implode

Haruhi Fanboy Ragefest

Shirou's Plan of Making a Plan of Planning to Get Some

There's Inexperienced Time Travelers In Every School

JB & KG Go On A Quick Trip to the Book Store

Did You Know You Live Until You Die?

Loli Gunfights

Bandoh Has Killed Women and Children Because He's That Mother Fucking Hardcore FUCK

Gaston Realizes What He Must Conquer

JakeSteel0121 Writes a Disturbing Essay

I Wish There Was a Club Like This At My College

She's Not Just Sleeping Under Shirou's Roof

Hotel Mario Gets a New Worker and Larry's Sentence Mixing Challenge

Ben Hosts The Biggest Game Show Again But He Forgot to Invite the Animu Women

JakeSteel's Wearing High Heels!

I have too much to take care of so Hideki is going to start this project for me

Toppy's Laugh Cures Cancer

Mr. Miyagi Is Pulling Your Strings





Tennis Matches


  • ChrisGendo's Anime Collab - ChrisGendo
  • K-ON PEWP (Collab Edition) - YuiHirasawa
  • ChrisGendo's Anime Collab II - ChrisGendo
  • Second Chance Collab - DiscoGlacier
  • Gaston's Amazingly Sexy Tri-Organizer Nonsense - JakeSteel0121
  • Hosted the Music Video Collab


Preferred Sources

  • Anime
  • Music, mostly hard rock/heavy metal
  • Any video that's exploitable enough

Preferred Methods

  • Sentence mixing
  • Masking
  • Ear rape
  • Stutter Loop
  • Right There
  • Flashing images
  • Reversal

Prefered Tech

  • Sony Vegas
  • Photo Filtre (Yes that is how it's spelled)
  • Photoshop (Rarely uses it because his computer sucks and can barely handle it)



  • Putting Ear Rape in his videos
  • Sentence mixing can be hard to understand for people who haven't watched too much sentence mixing
  • Putting too much music into poops


In Real Life





  • "Billy Mays Purchases Some Hentai" placed 4th on RetardedAnimeParodyX's top 10 of March, 2009.
  • "Subliminal Advertisements in Evangelion" placed 7th on KevinTAckerman's top 10 of April, 2009.
  • "Haruhi Whores Herself Out Again" placed 4th on AmiralToad's top 10 of April, 2009.
  • "Hentai That's Suitable For All Ages" placed 2nd on AmiralToad's top 10 of July, 2009.
  • "Ryan Rules His Women With An Iron Violin (part 1)" placed 7th on KevinTAckerman's top 10 of August, 2009.
  • "Ooishi Becomes the Next God of Hinamizawa and Causes the Town to Implode" placed 7th on KevinTAckerman's top 10 of September, 2009.
  • "Ben Hosts The Biggest Game Show Again But He Forgot to Invite the Animu Women" placed 9th on KevinTAckerman's top 10 of January, 2010.
  • "I have too much to take care of so Hideki is going to start this project for me" placed 10th on KevinTAckerman's top 10 of February, 2010.


  • His favorite anime characters are Saber and Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night.
  • Some of his video titles are acronyms. (Example: Gaston Acquires Seven Tons Of Nicotine = G.A.S.T.O.N.).
  • The person in the first half of "Hotel Mario Gets a New Worker and Larry's Sentence Mixing Challenge" is his cousin.
  • Currently lives in a house that's about a 2 hour transit from ChrisGendo's house.