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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Hiatus.png This pooper is on Hiatus and will not be making poops for the time being.

How it all started...[edit]

2010 - With a camera I or my parents hadn't used in 6 years, I picked it up and decided to make something creative for a change. I started making video of my own, comedic sorts of ways, along with my friend, BolognaFullof, who's named victor. Victor and I had a lot o fun with the camera, but hadn't gotten the decency to upload it on his account (villavede90). He's uploaded a parody of some sort, title, "hide or die" which is hard to remember since it was 3 years ago. He then uploaded it. It didn't get as many views as we expected, but it didn't matter anyway. It was for our own entertainment. Sooner or later, we stopped this childish pursuit. We both left this in different directions. That is when a week later I call him and asked what a youtube poop is.

I've seen Youtube Poop for as long as I know. The first poop I've seen was around 2011. About a year later of watching more, villavede90 (moved to BolognaFullof) suggested I should make one for a change. I wasn't very good at Sony Vegas, so he taught me how to use the program along with his youtubepooping methods. The first poop I've uploaded to my account was in October 7, 2012. Before I did, I introduced myself to a couple of YouTubePoopers, such as ArsenioGut, who was the first person I introduced myself to, guitarocker100, FishTitan64, iCeeYouP, AwfulFawfultheFalafe, MasterOfZoroark, ThatGuyPoops, and many, many more for my account to grow its popularity. I've been seeing alot of spongebob poops lately. Some say it's generic, probably because it's an overused source, but I think it's the easiest way to gain subscribers. To me, Spongebob is like a shortcut away from getting thousands of subs, so I started to use that source often. Not that that I want a lot of subscribers, but a lot of them that will enjoy my videos, respect my decisions, be patient until I upload another video, rinse and repeat.

Describing My First Three YTPs[edit]

I wasn't expecting that many views when I uploaded my first YTP. I also didn't expect for it to be good, but surprisingly, it has. It was a little difficult to make another YTP, probably because I don't want my Future YTPs to consist of every generic manner. My second YTP was a Flapjack YTP, which didn't have many views. I expected it to be, but it seems like Flapjack is a very underrated source. Then, my second Spongebob Youtubepoop's views started to grow. My subscriber count started to grow, too. In just four videos, I already have 300 subscribers, and I thank all of them for not offending my generic styles.

First YTP Seen[edit]

First YTP Made[edit]

  • Youtube Poop: SpangeFick Craps a Rainbow in PatBack's Mouth

Favorite YoutubePoopers[edit]




  • Achieving 600 subscribers
  • More than a thousand views in my videos
  • Subscribed by popular youtubepoopers.

Favorite Youtubepoops[edit]

  • I don't really have a favorite youtubepoop, all youtubepoops are pretty much great in their own way.


I love all of my subscribers, even if they don't respond much to all of my feed, but overall, I love every single subscriber. Thank you guys for making me feel welcome to the YouTube Poop Community!